Cinco de Mayo Crafts

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Cinco de Mayo crafts are a fun way to decorate for or celebrate the holiday. Whether you are an avid crafter or looking for something easy enough for your kids to do, there are hundreds of ideas to choose from.

What Is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo means the "Fifth of May." It is a remembrance and celebration of the day that Mexico achieved victory over the much better equipped French army at the Battle of Puebla. It is celebrated in Mexico and the United States, as well as many other parts of the world, to honor the rich culture and heritage of Mexico.

Crafts can be a way to help students experience some of that culture in the classroom. The more involvement a student has during the learning process, the more likely he is to remember what he has learned. Crafts can be used for table decorations or to give as gifts.

Cinco de Mayo Crafts for Young Children

Children love to make crafts. Here are some ideas for the preschool and early elementary aged child.

Mexican Bird Rattle

This Mexican bird rattle craft is from DLTK. It uses a toilet paper roll to create a bird rattle like those that might have been used in ancient ceremonies in Mexico. These rattles are traditionally used at New Year's celebrations throughout the country. This site has instructions for both a construction paper and paper mache version.


Maracas are used to keep rhythm. Most small children love to play them, and kids have even more fun when they can make their own.

Party Items

Let children make their own Cinco de Mayo party decorations with the help of these instructions. You'll find everything you might need, from a piñata to streamers.

Fiesta Magnets

These adorable Mexican themed refrigerator magnets are made of craft foam. An adult or older child will need to cut the shapes, but most small children can do the rest with some help.

Mexican Flag Cookies

Making cookies is a fun way to combine crafting and cooking. These adorable Mexican Flag cookies will keep your children occupied and also make a fantastic snack.


For this project, children will need supervision and help from an adult, but this sombrero craft is worth the time and effort it takes.

Older Children and Adult Crafts

Fiesta Dishcloth

If you like to crochet, this colorful dishcloth will get a fiesta going in your kitchen in no time. It works up quickly in an easy crochet stitch.

Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers

Make some long lasting, colorful flowers to go with your fiesta décor with these instructions.


A piñata is a necessity for almost any Mexico-themed party. Filled with candy and coins, it makes an exciting addition to any Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Mexican Folk Paper Craft

Use this paper cutting technique to create beautiful Mexican style decorations for your Cinco de Mayo party.

Origami Cinco de Mayo Doll

It may seem like an odd juxtaposition of cultures but this origami doll would be a great Cinco de Mayo craft. Make several and use them as decorations.

Making Cinco de Mayo crafts is fun. These are only a few of the hundreds of craft instructions available on the Internet. Paper crafts are especially popular and can be done with all ages.

When working with small children, remember that you will need a ratio of about one adult to every three children if the craft will require adult help. It is easiest to put the children in groups of three. That way the adult helper can easily see when a child is frustrated or having trouble.

Choose a craft or two to do with your kids, make some Mexican food, and have a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo!

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Cinco de Mayo Crafts