Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas tree skirts add another level of beauty to your tree. They can be glitzy or plain, colorful or monotone. If you cannot find one that suits your decorating style, it is very easy to make your own.

Beautiful Burlap

This pattern is free to download and print using Adobe. Click on the image and the pattern will open in a new tab or window.

Before you write off burlap as a Christmas decorating option, consider this beautiful, pre-printed burlap. This piece has a lovely snowflake medallion design in navy blue, which is a stunning fabric on its own. You can embellish it with other stones or sequins, but this pattern shows it can be perfect with just a touch of glitter fabric paint and a bright blue sequin at the center of each snowflake medallion.

If you have never worked with burlap before, it's important to note that you will need to apply a bit of glue, paint, or hairspray to the edges to keep it from unraveling. A strong hold hairspray is the least messy and will hold long enough to sew the binding on to secure the edges.

Snow Day Fun

Every kid loves a snow day! This tree skirt brings the fun indoors and makes a perfect keepsake if you still have your child's old gloves or mittens. You can also purchase mittens like the ones shown at your local craft or dollar store. To access this pattern, click on the image below to download and print it using Adobe.

Ways to Make Tree Skirts

There are different ways you can make Christmas tree skirts and different materials. The patterns can range from easy to intricate and, depending on your crafting skills, can be completed in a few hours.

Sewn Tree Skirts

When talking about a sewn tree skirt, many people envision a beautifully quilted Christmas tree skirt that was possibly hand-sewn by their grandmother. You can easily create your own Christmas tree skirt, whether hand or machine sewn, to match your decor. They can be felt, quilted, or velvet, and as elaborate as you like.

Crocheted Tree Skirts

Crochet is not just for grannies! While it takes more practice than sewing, a beginner at crochet can make a crocheted tree skirt by learning a few basic stitches. A crocheted tree skirt can be made of granny squares, mile-a-minute strips, or be one piece using either a single color or multi-colored.

Make It Your Own

Designing your own Christmas tree skirt is only limited by your imagination. If you love to do embroidery or needlepoint, add your favorite Christmas embroidery to your tree skirt. Get the kids involved in helping to create a family heirloom. Have fun creating one that will make Santa stop and think about setting presents on your work of art.

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Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns