Christmas Crafts Using Beads

Make pretty beaded Christmas decorations.

Christmas is the ideal time of year to start some crafting projects. From gifts for others to decorations for your home, there are a lot of ways you can use beads to create beautiful, unique Christmas crafts. Try out these five project ideas to get started.

Five Christmas Crafts Using Beads

These five crafts range from easy to challenging, and are the perfect way to kick off your holiday crafting spree. Click on the pattern thumbnails or the clickable links to get a free PDF pattern you can download and use. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Beaded Snowflakes

These snowflakes are endlessly customizable and changeable. Use any size, shape or color combination of beads to create some beautiful snowflakes you can hang anywhere in your home.

Beaded Circle Ornament

Vary the style and color of beads to make this circular beaded ornament. You can also change the overall size of the ornament by cutting the wires to different lengths and using more or fewer strands.

Beaded Angel

This beautiful angel can be mounted onto a stick, pipe or pipe cleaner to stand up anywhere, or hang her from an ornament hook from a window or Christmas tree.

Bead-Wrapped Christmas Tree

This fun table decoration can be covered in any color - or color combination - of beads. Make as many as you want to match the decor in each room of your home.

Seed Bead Ornament

Delicate seed beads help bring dimension and personality to plain bulb ornaments. This very easy craft is simple for children to do as well. Have every member of the family make his or her own for a fun family day craft.

Decorate Your Home

Beads are a colorful and versatile crafting medium. Use them in any of these ways to bring some color, texture and Christmas spirit into your home.

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Christmas Crafts Using Beads