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Sidewalk chalk drawings are a fun way for kids to enjoy the outdoors and express their creativity. It's also a great activity for bored children who are stuck at home when school is closed. It's washable as well,… Keep reading »

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Crafts teach kids basic skills such as following directions, planning, math, seeing a project through from beginning to end and in the proper order, as well as the skills involved in the craft itself. Get inspiration, ideas and instructions for your next kids' craft project on LoveToKnow Crafts.

Crafts for All Ages

Kids of all ages and skill levels love to create things, from paper crafts to ornaments and wall hangings. No matter what age your child is, you'll find suitable craft projects such as:

  • Simple Crafts: Get some ideas for easy crafts that most kids can do independently or with a little help from adults.
  • Complex Crafts: Older children and crafty kids may like more of a challenge. More complex craft ideas like crochet instructions or book making projects are perfect for more experienced crafters.
  • Preschool Crafts: Preschoolers are just learning how to use items like scissors and paintbrushes. Help them explore their newfound skills with some preschool-appropriate crafts.
  • Elementary-Aged Crafts: Get some craft ideas and lists of resources to help you start crafting with your older, elementary school-aged kids.
  • Teenage Crafts: It can be harder to keep your teen interested in crafting. Get some ideas for teen-appropriate crafts that can help keep your teenager's attention.

Crafts for All Seasons

Many kids enjoy doing crafts that relate directly to what's going on in their lives. This can include the changing seasons, what they are studying in school, and holidays that are coming up. Get some ideas for crafts for all of these things, such as:

  • Holiday Crafts: Find some specific craft ideas for all the major holidays of the year, from Christmas and Valentine's Day to May Day.
  • Seasonal Crafts: Get craft ideas specific to each of the four seasons of the year: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.
  • School Crafts: Find crafts related to what your kids are studying in school, from math to dinosaurs.

Get Crafty

Crafting with your kids can be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Get some craft ideas for your kids on LoveToKnow Crafts and get creative together.

Kids Crafts