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Article Highlight: Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

Even the little ones can get involved with these Hanukkah crafts for kids. These simple projects will leave you with cute decorations for your home or your next Hanukkah party, and you'll treasure the memories… Keep reading »

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Cropped Hands Holding Gift By Christmas Decorations On Table

Crafting is a wonderful activity all year long for people of all ages, but it's really fun to make holiday crafts. Crafting can help get you into the holiday spirit and can not only yield some lovely decor for your home, but also some gifts that show you care. There's just something special about receiving a gift someone took the time to make by hand.

Spreading Good Cheer

Most people think of the Christmas season when they think of crafts, but the truth is there are crafts for nearly any occasion. Christmas crafts are just the beginning. There are crafts for Memorial Day, Mardi Gras, 4th of July, and more.

Crafty Gifts

Gifting an item you crafted shows you took the time to create something special for the recipient. Whether you're trying to say "I love you," or "Happy Mother's Day," or even "Thanks for being my teacher," a crafted gift does the trick every time. And when making a craft isn't enough, add crafty embellishments to the packaging to really make it stand out.

Functional Crafts

Have you ever thought about making your own soap or edible food crafts? Creating items yourself is not only fun, but you know the items are high quality since you made them. Helping your kids make their own Valentine's Day cards can save a last-minute sprint to the store for pre-made cards and might even save you some money. There's no need to stock up on expensive Halloween decorations when you make them yourself. Create your own tree skirt for a wood Christmas tree you craft yourself. Create a stunning Christmas wreath to welcome guests at your door. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Kids Love Crafts

Getting kids involved in crafting has myriad benefits: they learn to create something using their own hands (or computer), they get to explore their artistic side, and they get to spend time with you as you craft together. Encourage your kids to try their hands at Christmas crafts, Hanukkah crafts, Valentine's Day, or even Earth Day, just to name a few.

Seasonal Fun

No matter what holiday you want to honor with crafts, there's an idea you can try. Celebrate the bountiful colors of spring, the release of fall, or the stark pause of the winter with crafts you'll enjoy creating. Christmas crafts only come around once a year, but luckily for avid crafters, there's a craft for every holiday.

Holiday Crafts