Article Highlight: Free Embroidery Patterns

Whether you're trying out your new embroidery machine or are making a special project by hand, the Internet is a great resource for free embroidery patterns. The key is finding a pattern that's perfect for your… Keep reading »

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Embroidery adds a special appearance to tablecloths, pillowcases, blankets, clothing, and other items. Although many of the designs look very involved, the basics of embroidery aren't as hard to master as you might expect.

Hand embroidery is not difficult and requires only basic supplies. You can purchase fabric, needles, thread, and hoops at Hobby Lobby or any other large craft store. Patterns are also available for purchase, although thrifty crafters may want to take advantage of the many Web sites offering free embroidery patterns. You can find free patterns for flowers, butterflies, seasonal designs, and almost anything else you can imagine.

If you find that you really enjoy hand embroidery, you may want to consider investing in a machine for creating more elaborate designs. Embroidery machines look like ordinary sewing machines, but use computerized software to create designs on your fabric. They can be rather expensive to purchase, but you can take advantage of the many free machine embroidery designs that are available to help keep down your project costs. Many people who enjoy machine embroidery also manage to earn extra money by selling their items at craft fairs or through an online Etsy shop.

Learning the basics of embroidery can be a wonderful way to add a decorative touch to your fabric crafts. At LoveToKnow Crafts, we're here to offer all the help you need to get started on this fun hobby. If you have a question, feel free to visit Crafts Advice for help.