Embellishments for Crafts

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Embellishments can make a simple project into something truly delightful. There are many types of embellishments you can choose from for your crafting and sewing projects.

Many Embellishment Options

Depending on your project, there are lots of choices available to give it that extra special "something" to finish your work. Some may need to be purchased at your local or online craft stores but there are lots of ideas that will cost you hardly anything!

Calligraphy Embellishments

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful, ornate lettering and using special typography and colors can really make a piece of art "pop." You can learn calligraphy on your own with special equipment and some free downloadable calligraphic templates. Once you feel comfortable doing basic styles, you can make your lettering more ornate with embellishments like colors, swashes and flourishes.

Flower Themed Embellishments

Crafted flowers can always be a beautiful touch and many are easy to make. You can actually make some lovely flower embellishments with cheap coffee filters or hand make them using just small scraps of colored paper. If you're looking for something fancier, you can make a cute floral brooch using scrap fabric, felt or even an old wool sweater.

Embellishments With Buttons, Bows and More

As you can probably tell, embellishments don't have to be complicated or expensive. You can recycle items such as decorative buttons and use them on many kinds of projects. They can make adorable flowers made with construction paper or ribbons. Buttons can be added into candles when the wax is setting or used to make jewelry like earrings and pins.

Dazzles, Sparkles and Tassels Oh My!

If you love sparkle and shine, you can embellish your work with colorful sequins or a BeDazzler. Heat transfers on fabric, appliques made of materials like wood or paper, metal stamping, and hand crafted bows are all other possibilities. If you're lucky enough to live by the beach, you can collect sea shells and integrate them into your projects. Of course you can also purchase them from a craft store if you live far away from the ocean! If you're creative, you can upcycle almost anything local to you to make cool embellishments that are unique to you.

Use Embellishments Creatively

Adding embellishments to your work can make an average project into a truly outstanding one. While there are many items you can purchase at craft stores like molded tassels and pre-made silk flowers, you can also be creative and use items around the house like scraps of paper, fabric and buttons to recycle into beautiful crafts made with your own love and inspiration.

Embellishments for Crafts