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Crafts Slideshows

Craft projects become more attainable with visual instructions like those provided by craft slideshows. Beginners and craft experts alike can learn to make new projects, practice crafting skills, and gain inspiration by looking at images of arts and crafts projects.

Crafts With Visual Instructions for Kids

It's never too early to start crafting! As soon as your child can hold objects in her hand, she can start making crafts. Older kids can watch the slideshow and attempt the craft on their own, while parents can use the visual instructions to help their children craft.

  • Teach preschoolers about the importance of recycling by showing them how to transform broken crayons into colorful new drawing tools using the Crayon Melting Art Projects tutorial.
  • Kids who love to play with Play-Doh will enjoy making their own salt dough creations that can become ornaments and keepsakes.
  • Older children who love costumes can start making kids' hats using paper, old hats and craft supplies, or even craft foam.

Paper Craft Visual Instructions

Paper is the one craft supply everyone has on hand that's practically free. You can use newspaper, card stock, construction paper, or scrapbooking paper to create awesome crafts in minutes.

Beaded Craft Visual Instructions

Beads are one of the most readily available and easy-to-use craft supplies. Create simple projects for yourself or make more elaborate beaded creations to sell.

  • Beaded bookmarks are a fun project that help you use up beads left over from other jewelry making projects. When tucked inside a special new paperback, they make great gifts for teachers, friends, and family.
  • Get inspired to create your own unique bracelets by browsing bead bracelet designs.
  • Create cool wire bead people to use as poseable toys, keychain charms, or even necklace charms.

Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorials With Pictures

You don't have to be an accomplished artist to draw amazing pictures. Learn one animal or character at a time then put them together to create a beautiful work of art.

Crafter See, Crafter Do

Whether you're learning a new art form or simply prefer visual instructions, craft slideshows can help you take your creative project to the next level. Watch the slideshow once to get the full picture, then pause it on each slide as you complete that step. In the end you'll have an awesome new craft project to share.

Crafts Slideshows