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Part of the fun of crafting is learning to improve your skills by observing others who have mastered a particular technique. While craft stores often have workshops you can attend, these events aren't always convenient for someone with a busy schedule. Interviews with crafts experts give you the knowledge from these workshops at a time and place that's convenient for you.

Expert Craft Advice for Beginners

When you're starting out in a new craft, making easy and cheap crafts gives you the chance to explore more materials and techniques. You can choose one specific craft to start with, like learning how to knit. Once you've chosen the craft you're passionate about and gotten more serious with your work, you can move on to more expensive materials and crafts if you want.

Expert Tips on Crafts for a Cause

Making crafts helps people satisfy their passions, relax, or make a living. There are also opportunities to craft as a way of helping yourself overcome personal challenges. Companies like Caring Crafts create craft kits, tools, and supplies that are perfect for people with a variety of physical and cognitive challenges. People who have trouble manipulating common craft materials can use these tools to overcome their limitations and live a creative life. Weight loss coach Janice Taylor shares her insights on how crafting about food can help people lose weight because they're satisfying their food thoughts through art instead of eating.

Expert Advice on Crafting As a Business

If you're wondering how to start a craft business, Bramble Berry owner Anne-Marie Faiola offers some expert advice. She suggests starting small and not having wild expectations about the future of your business. If you have a craft you want to turn into a career, one place to start is as an Etsy seller. Online marketplaces like Etsy allow you to set up your own shop with little startup money and a huge selling platform. Keep in mind, you need to have a real passion for your craft if you want to make it your job because you'll have to do it daily.

Enhance Your Craft With Expert Advice

Browse through these crafts expert interviews and build your skills without ever leaving your home. Whether your passion is making altered art projects, sewing your own fashions, designing one-of-kind jewelry, or knitting handmade gifts, experts provide the ideas, inspiration, and encouragement you need to challenge yourself creatively.

Crafts Expert Advice and Tips