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Article Highlight: Etsy Sellers Interview

The online artists' marketplace, Etsy, is devoted to connecting crafters with their customers around the world. If you're thinking of starting a craft business, you may have wondered about selling on Etsy. Etsy… Keep reading »

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Crafts Expert Interviews
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Part of the fun of crafting is learning to improve your skills by observing others who have mastered a particular technique. While craft stores often have workshops you can attend, these events aren't always convenient for someone with a busy schedule.

At LoveToKnow Crafts, we're pleased to bring you exclusive interviews with experts in a variety of areas. Browse through our selection of articles and build your skills without ever leaving your home. Whether your passion is making altered art projects, sewing your own fashions, designing one-of-kind jewelry, or knitting handmade gifts, our experts provide the ideas, inspiration, and encouragement you need to challenge yourself creatively. For example:

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Crafts Expert Interviews