Button Flower Crafts


Button flower crafts are great projects for kids of all ages. Once finished, they can be made into a whimsical bouquet or used to embellish a variety of projects.

Making Simple Button Flower Crafts

Button flowers are easy to make and are the basis for any button flower craft. You will need the following materials:

  • Buttons in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Floral wire that will fit through the button holes
  • Scissors


  1. Place a small button on top of a larger button of another color.
  2. Bend the wire about 1/3 of the way from the top to make something that looks like a shepherds crook.
  3. Slide the smaller button onto the bottom of the wire and push up until you get to the bend.
  4. Thread the short end of the wire through another button hole and push the button up to the bend.
  5. Do the same with the larger button and twist the short wire around the long side to hold the buttons in place.

You can use more than two buttons if you wish. Just continue the steps until you have what you want. You can also cut small leaf shapes out of felt and thread it onto the wire stems to give your button flowers leaves.

Button Flowers with Construction Paper

Another way to make button flowers is to make the button the center of the flower and use construction paper for the petals. You can cut the construction paper with regular scissors or give the petals a unique edge with specialty scissors.

  1. Cut flower shapes from a variety of colors of construction paper.
  2. Center a button in the middle of the flower shape.
  3. Push a pipe cleaner or wire through the flower so that it comes up through a button hole.
  4. Bend it and poke it back down through another button hole. Then twist the short wire around the long wire to hold it in place.

Ribbon Button Flowers

Wide ribbon makes beautiful button flowers if you have a little sewing experience. Use any ribbon you like except wire edged. You can even use two different types of ribbon. To use more than one ribbon, you'll hot glue the gathered circles together before you add the button center. You can even use tulle to make the circles for a romantic look.

  1. Cut a two- or three-inch length of ribbon.
  2. Stitch along one edge with a basting stitch.
  3. Pull to gather the stitches. The ribbon will ruffle up into a circle.
  4. Push the wire through a button or two as above, and then place the wire through the center of the ribbon circle.
  5. Secure with a little hot glue.

Embellish Anything

These button flower crafts make wonderful additions to packages, homemade cards, and scrapbooking pages. They can be used to embellish almost any craft item.

You could even use the plain button flower idea to embellish a quilt rather than using a tying technique. To do this, sew the two buttons together, rather than using wire. Then stitch through all layers of the quilt. Whether you decide to use this craft idea on a quilt or in the classroom, you are sure to enjoy making button flower crafts.

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