Budget Handmade Card Making Ideas

Budget Handmade Card Making Idea

If you're looking for budget handmade card making ideas, you're not alone. Many people enjoy sending handmade cards to family and friends, but they simply don't have the cash to spend on cards that cost several dollars apiece. Luckily, you can create stylish greeting cards for less than $1 each if you just keep in mind a few basic crafting tips.

Save Your Scraps

Obviously, the best budget handmade card making idea is to always save your paper scraps! The cardstock and patterned papers used to create this card were all leftovers from different projects, yet they coordinate very well.

Use Free Fonts

When you need to make cards in bulk, it's more cost effective to use free computer fonts to print out your text instead of buying stickers or rub-on letters.

Shop the Dollar Store

Rubber stamps are great for card making, but they can be rather expensive. Look for discounted stamps at your local dollar store. For example, Dollar Tree usually has a selection of rubber stamps for card making near the children's craft area.

Learn Simple Origami

Simple origami techniques, such as this swirl fan fold, are a great way to dress up a handmade greeting card without spending a lot of cash.

Layer Punched Shapes

Use foam adhesive squares to layer punched flower shapes for a card with a bit of dimension.

Make Present Embellishments

Cut squares from leftover scraps of patterned paper, then top with ribbon bows for a simple present embellishment that works well on a Christmas card or a birthday greeting. You can find complete instructions for this card making project by reviewing the LoveToKnow Crafts slideshow Easy Homemade Christmas Cards.

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Budget Handmade Card Making Ideas