6 Handmade Card Making Ideas to Create on a Budget

Budget Handmade card

If you enjoy sending cards to family and friends, and these budget handmade card making ideas will help you save money and use your creative skills at the same time. Your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch in these unique cards, all of which use affordable materials you may even already have around your home. From love notes to handmade Christmas cards, there are tons of way to save and be creative.

Create a Scrapbook Paper Scrap Card

Do you have leftover scrapbook paper from previous projects? You may find that leftovers from various projects coordinate well. To make this simple card, you'll need a partial sheet of cardstock from a previous project. Fold it in half to make the card. If you have some extra embellishments on hand, you can use those on the front of the card. If not, create a rubber stamp design or use a pen to craft your message. Add pretty scraps to the front of the card and a nice message inside. Since it uses leftover materials, this card is totally free to make.

Birthday card using scraps

Make a Card With Free Fonts

Fonts can be pricey, but download some free fonts to keep your costs down. Try cool styles like a free typewriter font or a calligraphy font. Then print your message on a colorful piece of paper. You can add more style to a plain card by layering a piece of scrapbook paper under your printed message. If you have a brown rubber stamp handy, you can distress the edges for a vintage touch. This card costs less than a dollar, since you simply need to buy a blank card and a piece of pretty scrapbook paper.

Budget crafted birthday card using free fonts

Save on Rubber Stamps

If you already have some great rubber stamps, shop your own stash. Otherwise, head over to the dollar store to see what they have on hand. You can often find stamps for under a dollar if you're flexible about the message and design. Also consider borrowing stamps from a friend so you can both try new styles. For this card, the stamped design takes center stage. You can layer scraps of paper and borders to add more style. The total cost depends on what you have to pay for the stamp and what you have on hand for scraps, but expect to spend under five dollars.

Handmade card using dollar store stamps

Try Out Your Origami Skills

Do you enjoy paper folding? There are lots of great ways to use origami in greeting cards. Add a paper fan, a folded heart, or another fun shape to give your card real personality. The three-dimensional design will get your loved ones' attention, but the cost of making the card is really limited to buying origami paper and adding any embellishments you choose. In general, you can make this type of card for under two dollars.

Handmade origami card

Use Your Paper Punches

If you have paper punches for scrapbooking or other paper crafts, put them to good use to make some awesome dimensional cards. Start by punching various sizes of shapes out of pretty scrapbook paper. Then layer them on a plain card or piece of cardstock. Finish off with a button, gem, or other special embellishment. The total cost of this type of card is under two dollars, since you're just buying scrapbook paper.

Handmade card using paper punch

Create Simple Present Embellishments

Buying embellishments can get expensive, but with a few scraps of paper and ribbon, you can make your own. Create these cute gift embellishments with squares of cardstock. Lightly run the edges of the paper over a brown rubber stamp to distress them. Then make a bow with a scrap of ribbon and glue it to the top of each gift. You can then add the gifts to the front of any blank card. Using items from your stash, you can make this card for free.

Handmade card with present design

Print Your Own Cards

Even if you aren't feeling especially crafty, you can also print your own cards for free. You can add your own embellishments to these cards or simply leave them as-is. There are printable cards for many occaisions:

Making Cards Saves Money

With the cost of greeting cards sometimes topping $7 each, you can use your card-making skills to save. Use these and other tips and techniques for making cards, and each one you make will look more professional. You may even choose to start a card-making business someday!

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