Beading Parties: Interview with Touchstone Crystal's Pam Kingston

Pam Kingston

Based in Rhode Island, Touchstone Crystal is a unique direct sales company that recruits Consultants to host make-your-own jewelry parties throughout the United States to introduce novice crafters to the art of beading with Swarovski crystals in a fun and informal environment. The bracelets, necklaces, and earrings you can create at a Touchstone Crystal party can be personalized with the crystal of your choice, such as red for passion and power or purple for wisdom and accomplishment.

To learn more about Touchstone Crystal, visit the company Web site. If you need assistance locating a consultant in your area, call (800) 203-2488 to speak with a member of the Consultant Care team.

Interview with Touchstone Crystal's Pam Kingston

Recently, Pam Kingston of Touchstone Crystal took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about the opportunities the company offers for crafting enthusiasts.

Making Handmade Jewelry

What are some of the advantages of learning how to make your own jewelry, as opposed to simply buying pre-made accessories?


The idea of learning something new or creating something for yourself fits well with the emphasis in pop culture now on individuality. At a time when self-expression and mass customization are critical elements of culture, Touchstone Crystal is a perfect fit. At Touchstone Crystal we have always been about offering choice. Our customers get to choose from: an exceptional array of pre-designed jewelry kits; sizing the bracelet for the perfect fit; customizing the length of your earring creations; adding one of our Touchstone charms with unique meanings associated with each color; the ability to customize the layout of the beads in the kit; etc.

What makes Touchstone Crystal a good resource for someone interested in learning how to make handmade jewelry?

We know we can't be all things to all people, so we have chosen to focus our product offerings and our home party format to appeal to the newer beader or the person who has never thought about beading. We believe there are a lot more of us that fit those two categories than there are that would call themselves expert beaders.

In the comfort of a home party atmosphere, surrounded by family and friends, our Consultants introduce the Hostess and party guests to the three basic techniques of beading that would allow them to make everything in our product line: turning a loop from a headpin, opening and closing a jump ring; and using a wire guard and crimp bead to secure the beads. Our mission is to build confidence in the guest's ability very quickly so they are eager to share the "I made this myself" excitement with others.

What is included in a Touchstone Crystal jewelry making kit? Will I need to purchase any additional supplies to make my project?

Whenever someone is looking to start a new hobby, knowing what supplies to purchase is usually the most difficult part. How do you know where to begin and how do you know you will like the hobby well enough to use up the bulk of supplies you are generally required to purchase from a bulk craft store?

At Touchstone Crystal, we want you to be able to try beading without having to invest in supplies that you may never use up - we all have cupboards, closets and bins under our beds with unused supplies. So each of our kits includes everything you need to make one piece of jewelry.

With our parent company, Amazar Holding, being a 100% subsidiary of the Swarovski Group of Companies, it goes without saying that the most beautiful components in our jewelry making kits are Swarovski crystals and/or Swarovski crystal pearls. In addition, we mix textures and colors by including other non-crystal beads, the wire or chain, jump rings, crimp beads, crimp covers, head pins, wire guards, toggles or lobster clasps and the best part, simple to follow step by step directions to guide you every step of the way.

If you are a guest at a Touchstone Crystal Party, our Consultant will even arrive with the tools that are needed to create your jewelry item. Otherwise, our tools are available for sale for use at your own home.

Starting Your Own Business


What makes Touchstone Crystal a good opportunity for someone interested in making money from a passion for creating handmade jewelry?

I believe the key words are: "making money." That is the difference between a hobbyist and a businessperson. The benefits of partnering with Touchstone Crystal are your ability to hit the ground running with a tested business model and to turn a profit from the very early stages. The initial investment is quite minimal, $199 for more than $850 worth of product and business supplies and there are no additional hidden inventory requirements.

In addition to the profit earned from the sales of products, our Consultants are provided unique incentives that celebrate their accomplishments all along the way. We reward party activity and sales with additional product, exclusive Consultant-only jewelry, fabulous trips, and sales bonuses. Right now we are rewarding Consultants who are building teams with gas cards! Who wouldn't appreciate a gas card in today's times?

How much crafting and jewelry making experience do you need to be a successful Touchstone Crystal consultant?

That's the best part - there is no prior beading or sales experience needed. Successful Consultants with Touchstone Crystal are those who are excited about what they are doing and are eager to share our opportunities with others. Successful Consultants follow our simple business model and focus on setting small goals and setting out to achieve them.

How much of a time commitment is involved in this direct sales opportunity?

It's less about the time and more about the activities you do for your business within the time you have. I believe strongly that Consultants who will give their business 10 solid hours or more a week, which translates to one or two parties per week, will be well compensated for their time and quite profitable. The focus is on teaching a consistent number of parties so you are comfortable and confident in sharing with others.


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Beading Parties: Interview with Touchstone Crystal's Pam Kingston