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Beading Project Ideas

Dana Hinders
beaded key chains
Beaded key chains

For many beaders, it's hard to resist the temptation to buy one of everything they see in their local craft store! There are so many shapes, colors, sizes, and materials of beads to choose from that it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Use this collection of links to beginner and intermediate level beading projects to help you narrow down your focus and create inspired pieces. Click on the photo itself or the corresponding caption to be taken to step-by-step directions for the project of your choice.

Jewelry Beading Ideas​

Making beaded jewelry is an excellent way to add interest to your wardrobe. Beaded bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings also make wonderful handmade gifts.

Home Decor Beading Ideas

Beads aren't just for jewelry making! Turn some of your favorites into colorful home decor pieces like candle rings, holiday decorations, and drink charms.

Bead Projects for Children

If you're looking for crafts to do with your children, choose projects that involve beads with large holes and stringing material like pipe cleaners.

Other Crafty Beading Ideas

Still in search of beading inspiration? Here are a few more simple project ideas you can try.

  • Try making a necklace with just one bead or charm.

  • Use one type of bead exclusively in a project, such as seed beads that are all the same color.

  • Use only one material of beads in a project, such as all glass beads or all wooden beads.

  • See how many different necklaces and bracelets you can make with the same basic pattern: five similar or identical beads followed by one accent bead.

  • Make a super-long, light string of beads with crimp beads or other strong beads glued on the ends to make a stylish belt.

  • Make a simple table runner a little more interesting by adding beads to the short edges. You can string a bunch of beads on a thread and hand-sew that all along the edge, or make bead drops using thread and a few beads that you can sew directly into the edge of the runner, spacing the drops out every few inches.

  • Make beaded tie-backs for your curtains. Measure the length of your current tie backs and make a beaded "necklace" of similar size. You could even make them in seasonal colors and give your room a new look every few months.

  • Beads can be glued to almost anything, from picture frames to mirrors, candle holders to candles. If you've had the same old decorations sitting around your house for a long time, look for things that could be jazzed up by adding beads. Just glue them on using decoupage medium and spray with sealer when dry so the beads won't fall off as easily when the item is handled.

Get Creative With Beads

Although some beads can be quite expensive, it's fairly easy to take apart a bead project if you're unhappy with the results. Therefore, there's no reason not to experiment to see what type of unique jewelry or home decor items you can create!

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Beading Project Ideas