Beaded Snowflake Craft

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Beaded snowflake crafts make it easy to add a festive touch to your home's winter décor. You can hang snowflakes from your Christmas tree, tie them to your holiday packages, or dangle them from your windows to add a touch of sparkle to a dreary winter day. Snowflakes are also a great project for kids on those long winter afternoons.

Easy Beaded Snowflake Craft for Kids


This fun craft is perfect for school-aged kids to do independently or for preschoolers to do with adult help. It uses materials you probably already have on hand in your craft supply box, and it allows for lots of fun and creativity in choosing the colors for the beads.

Things You'll Need

For each snowflake, you'll need the following items:

  • Three silver or white pipe cleaners
  • 18 metallic pony beads in assorted colors

What to Do

  1. snowflake step 1
    Arrange your three pipe cleaners into a bundle. Find the middle of the pipe cleaners and twist them together several times in this spot. You'll need them to be secure, so younger kids may want an adult to help with this part. Spread out the ends of all the pipe cleaners to create a snowflake shape. Each end should form a straight line with the end opposite it. You may need to take some time to adjust them so they look just right.
  2. snowflake step 2
    Add three pony beads to each pipe cleaner end. You can create a pattern with two or three bead colors, use all one color for a simple design, or choose random beads you think are pretty. Space the beads out a bit on each arm of your snowflake so there's a little room between each one. When all the beads are on the snowflake, move them down so they are toward the center, rather than near the pointy end of the pipe cleaners.
  3. snowflake step 3
    Find the middle point of one of the snowflake arms and bend the arm in half at this point, bringing it back against itself. You want the end pointing back toward the middle of the snowflake. Move one of the beads on that arm down so that it is right in the spot where the pipe cleaner is bent. The other beads should be on the side of the bend that is closer to the center of the snowflake.
  4. step 4
    Give the pipe cleaner a good twist at this point to secure the bead. Move another bead so that it is in the middle of the snowflake point. Twist the pipe cleaner around that bead to secure it. Tuck the sharp end of the pipe cleaner into the last bead right near the center of the snowflake. Repeat with all six points.

More Fun Snowflake Crafts With Beads

There are lots of fun ways to make a snowflake using beads. Consider some of these great projects:

  • Kay Ray offers a more complicated but very beautiful seed bead snowflake design that's perfect for older kids and adults.
  • Crafts for All Seasons has instructions for making elegant snowflake ornaments from crystal beads, styrofoam, and corsage pins.
  • AllFreeCrochet has a pattern that lets you incorporate pretty beads into a beautiful crocheted snowflake.
  • Bead Jewelry Making has instructions to help you make a tiny snowflake pendant for your favorite necklace.
  • Christmas Projects offers a slightly more sophisticated looking snowflake ornament that's appropriate for older children.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Home

Whether you're crafting with kids or on your own, making a beaded snowflake is a great way to pass the time on a winter afternoon. From Christmas tree ornaments to pretty winter decorations, there are lots of ways to add a little sparkle to your home with these fun projects.

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Beaded Snowflake Craft