American Flag Crafts for Kids

Puff flag craft

Celebrate your love of everything American with these American flag craft ideas for kids. Whether you're decking out your house for major festivities or simply want to get into the patriotic spirit, these crafts offer a variety of creative projects.

Preschool Puff Flag

American flag puff craft
Download this free printable flag craft.

This is a fun and easy craft for preschool-aged children. It creates a large, fluffy flag you can hang on the wall once finished. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.



  1. Download and print out the flag template. To do this, click on the image to open the .pdf template in a new tab or window then print it out.
  2. Instruct your child to rub the glue stick over the paper and press the colored puffs onto the corresponding circles.
  3. Allow the glue to dry and hang up your flag.

Hand Print Flag

This fun craft works well with kids of all ages. You can make the flag as big or small as you like by sizing up to poster board or using a sheet of printer paper.

Hand print flag craft


  • Paper
  • Red finger paint
  • Blue paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White finger paint


  1. Mark off a square in the upper left-hand corner of the paper and fill it in completely with blue paint. Allow it to dry.
  2. Cover your child's hand with red paint and have them press their hand onto the paper at the top of the page next to the blue square.
  3. Have your child continue pressing his hand to the paper in a straight line to create a row of hand prints at the top of the page.
  4. Move your child's hand down a few inches and have him create another row of red hand prints.
  5. Continue having your child make stripes of red hand prints alternating with white space.
  6. Coat your child's thumb in white paint and have him press it to the inside of the blue square to create several rows of white thumbprints to simulate the white stars on the flag. Allow the paint to dry.

Popsicle Stick Flag

Kids will enjoy making this small flag to wave at parades or to display somewhere in the house.

Popsicle stick flag craft


  • 11 craft sticks
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Blue construction paper
  • White gel pen or white paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue


  1. Have your child paint five sticks red and four sticks white. Allow the paint to dry.
  2. Cut a 2-inch square out of the blue construction paper and allow your child to draw several white stars on it with the gel pen or white paint. Set it aside to dry.
  3. Break one of the remaining craft sticks in half.
  4. Line up the red and white craft sticks in alternating colors side by side one another and flip them over so their backs face up.
  5. Glue the long remaining craft stick down the right side of the backs of the painted sticks so it extends past the bottom.
  6. Glue one of the two broken pieces down the center of the painted sticks, and the remaining half down the left side.
  7. Allow the glue to dry, then flip the sticks over.
  8. Glue the blue construction paper square to the upper left-hand corner of your flag. Allow the glue to dry.

Flag Fan

Kids can make this flag-patterned fan on hot days and use it to help cool off.


  • American flag fan // Photo courtesy of Mt. Prospect Public Library
    White paper
  • Pencil
  • Star stencil
  • Red and blue markers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Mark off a square in the upper left-hand corner of the paper.
  2. Stencil several star outlines in rows inside the square.
  3. Have your child color the square blue around the stars and color several red stripes alternating with the white onto the rest of the paper.
  4. Accordion pleat the paper with the flag image facing in.
  5. Group three pipe cleaners together to form the frame.
  6. Cut a small piece of a fourth pipe cleaner and use it to wrap and secure the other three together at the bottom.
  7. Separate the strands of the three cleaners at the top so they form a fan shape.
  8. Glue the pleated paper to the pipe cleaners to help the fan keep its shape.
  9. Allow the glue to dry.

Show Your Colors

Creating 4th of July or American flag crafts is a great way for kids to show their patriotism. Create a few flag crafts with your children and let your patriotic side show.

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