Collage Interview with Josie Cirincione

One of Josie's favorite projects

Giuseppina "Josie" Cirincione is passionate about the art of collage. She has been creating unique collage projects since childhood, drawing on her love of the Italian language and her extensive collection of vintage photographs and memorabilia. Her cards and jewelry can be purchased from a number of specialty boutiques in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

In May 2006, Josie released Collage Lost and Found: Creating Unique Projects with Vintage Ephemera. This beautiful and inspirational book contains step by step instructions for completing collaged greeting cards, jewelry, gifts, and home décor items with an assortment of vintage ephemera.

Interview with Collage Expert Giuseppina "Josie" Cirincione

Recently, Josie took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for the readers of LoveToKnow Crafts.

How did you get interested in collage?

I like collage because there is not a right or wrong way to create using this process. As we get older, we tend to shy away from expressing ourselves through art. Collage is not about drawing a still life to perfection. It is about expressing yourself without rules.

How would you describe your crafting style?

I am from the "less is more" camp. I like to keep things simple.

What was your inspiration for your book?


I find my inspiration from things I enjoy the most. I have a fond appreciation for the past. At one point I owned my own vintage store. I have been trolling yard sales for years and have amassed quite a collection of found objects and vintage ephemera. My family and my Sicilian upbringing are another place where I draw inspiration from.

What is your favorite project from Collage Lost and Found: Creating Unique Projects with Vintage Ephemera?

One of my favorite projects is the metal slide mount book on page 66. It is a great way to display family photos. If you can't find metal slide mounts, use paper ones and cover them with metal repair tape. One of the techniques in the book shows you how to distress metal repair tape.

What supplies would you recommend for someone who is just beginning to explore rubber stamping and collage art?

Here are a few supplies that live on my work table:

  • StazOn black ink
  • Document Ink (black)
  • Making Memories tool kit
  • Gel medium
  • Foam brushes
  • Small scissors for detailed cutting

When choosing rubber stamps, pick something that can overlap to different projects. A set of old typewriter font alphabet stamps are a great investment.

As you know, many crafters must stick to a budget. What are your favorite tips for saving money while completing collage projects?

Microscope slide necklace

One of the great things about collage is you don't have to spend a lot of money. Look around your house for things you can use. You will be surprised what lurks in junk drawers. Thrift stores and yard sales are another inexpensive way to find supplies and collage materials.

Can you tell us a little bit about the line of rubber stamps you are designing?

The rubber stamps I have designed for Stampotique Originals go back to my inspiration for the book. I just designed a rubber stamp that is a row of five tags with Italian opera sheet music as the background. The tags can be cut apart and used individually or scored at the seams and folded into an accordion style book.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of LoveToKnow Crafts?

Glue is a girl's best friend!

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Collage Interview with Josie Cirincione