10 Crafty Gift Embellishments

bird christmas ornament

If you're looking for fresh gift wrapping ideas, you can use one of these 10 crafty gift embellishments to add a little extra pizzazz to your presents.

10 Crafty Gift Embellishments

Whether you need a way to make your wedding present stand out on the gift table or simply want to get creative with your gift wrapping this Christmas, gift embellishments are the perfect way to exercise your creative skills and make your present extra special. Try out one of these 10 crafty gift embellishments!

Tie on a Christmas Ornament

When it comes to holiday present toppers, ornaments are one of the best. Little gifts in themselves, these creations will bring joy long after the presents have been opened. They're also fun to make. Try one of these projects for the holiday season:

The Gift of Nature

Some of the loveliest gift embellishments are inspired by nature. Next time you need to enhance a plain present, use hot glue to attach pinecones, maple leaves, or artificial flowers to the ribbons. This look stands out even more when you use simple wrapping paper and coordinated ribbon.

Let the Sleigh Bells Ring

red jingle bells

Available in most craft stores, jingle bells can be used for more than just wreaths and other holiday home decorations. They also make a creative and easy gift attachment. Simply string fabric ribbon through the back of a jingle bell and tie it on the package. Use several different sizes for a symphony of festive sounds.

For the Birds

Do you have a bird lover in your family? If so, you can create a beautiful package by attaching a craft bird. These little artificial birds are easy to use. You can find craft birds in the floral section of your craft store. Most include a clip or wire ends, and you can use these to attach the bird directly to the ribbon. For an even more creative look, try including a nest and a few eggs.

Button Up for Fun

Buttons are one of the best craft supplies on the market. With their incredible variety of shapes, styles, and colors, you're sure to find some that complement your gift wrapping theme. You can hot glue or tie buttons together to create a simple flower, or you can sew them onto ribbon to make a functional belt for your gift.

Step Away from the Sticky Bows


Stick-on bows are easy, but you can get even more creative with other gift tying options. If you use ornate paper, try embellishing your gift with contrasting raffia or twine. Use yarn for a homemade touch. Try fabric ribbon for a luxurious, reusable choice. Velvet ribbon is especially lovely on winter holiday gifts. No matter which type of tie you use, it helps if you know how to make the perfect bow.

More than a Gift Tag

Do you love card making? You can use your scrapbooking and paper crafting skills to create a special gift tag. Make the tag the focus of the present by creating a card that is large and eye-catching. Consider using scrapbooking embellishments, sanding techniques, embossing powders, rubber stamping, or quilling. Keep the wrapping and the ties simple to allow your work to shine.

Image Is Everything

If you have a great photo of the gift recipient, you can make that image the focus of your gift wrapping. Choose your image, then crop and enhance it as desired. Next, print the image in a size that is only slightly smaller than the gift itself. Use scrapbook paper or a photo mat to frame the image and cover the surface of the present. No need to use ribbon or a bow!

Melt and Pour Your Heart Out

fancy soaps

Do you love making melt and pour soap? Use a simple heart-shaped soap mold to create several small soaps in colors to match your gift wrap and ribbons. Package the heart-shaped soaps in a small cellophane bag, and attach it to the package with ribbon. Consider adding glitter or other additions to make your soap gift enhancement even more beautiful.

Lend a Hand

For grandparents and aunts and uncles, there are few things more precious than a gift that shows off the personal involvement of a little one. To get your pre-schooler or school-age child involved in the crafting process, wrap gifts in simple white or brown paper. Then fill paper plates with a few colors of finger paint. Have the children make handprints on the package. After the paint has dried, tie the present with a coordinating bow.

Gift Wrapping Tips

No matter which gift embellishment you choose, you can make sure your gift is beautiful if you keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use simple wrapping paper. In many cases, elaborately patterned gift wrap will make your work fade into the background. Instead, use plain kraft paper, solid colors, or simple stripes.
  • Stick to a theme. If you're wrapping several gifts for the holidays, pick one or two colors for all of your gift wrap and embellishments. This will give your presents a unified, sophisticated look.
  • Consider the recipient. Going to a baby shower? Attach infant-themed items to the package. Giving a present to a child? Stick with age-appropriate enhancements. Always consider any special interests the recipient might have.
  • Have fun! Wrapping gifts can be a great way to experiment with new crafts and show off your sense of style.
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