Teach Me How to Knit a Scarf

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Have you even watched someone knit and wanted to say, "Teach me how to knit a scarf?" Maybe you were hesitant because you thought knitting was difficult to learn or because the knitter didn't seem to have much time. Learning to knit a scarf is one of the easiest projects for beginners, so gather your supplies and get ready.

Supplies Needed to Knit a Scarf

Knitting a scarf is not difficult, but you will need a few items. Concentrate on a single color scarf for your first project; you can always make another more colorful one later once you have the technique perfected.

  • Needles: You will need straight knitting needles in a size 10. Needles are made from several materials, including aluminum, plastic, bamboo, and wood. Any of these is fine to use. Bamboo is preferred by some knitters because the yarn slips easily on it, and it feels good on your hands. However, you should choose whichever material that feels best to you.
  • Yarn: Although you can use any type of yarn, most scarves work best when 4-ply yarn is used. You will want 8 ounces in the color of your choice. If you want to have a colorful scarf, consider one of the variegated yarns. If this is your first yarn buying trip, you may be overwhelmed by the selection. Organic wools and cottons, acrylic yarns, bamboo yarn: the list is endless. For this project choose a simple acrylic that feels soft to you.
  • Scissors: You will need sharp scissors for cutting the end of the yarn when you finish. When you do a project that requires many color changes, you will need scissors to cut the yarn each time you change colors.
  • Crochet hook: Keep a size H crochet hook on hand in case you drop stitches. The hook can be used to easily go back and pick them up without having to unravel all of your work.
  • Quick-absorbing hand cream: You won't need this so much when you work with wool because of the lanolin in it. However, with any other material you may want a light coating of a hand cream that absorbs into your skin quickly. A light coat now and then when you are knitting keeps your hands moist and supple.
  • Baby wipes container: An empty baby wipes container (one of the round kind with the hole in the top) is a great way to keep the yarn clean and contained. Just open the top of the container and place the yarn inside. Pull the yarn through the top.

Please Teach Me How to Knit a Scarf

Once you have your materials gathered, it is time to sit down and make your scarf. You will need basic knitting instructions. Your first scarf should be made in a garter stitch. This simple stitch will allow you to learn how to hold your needles and maneuver the yarn without having to concentrate on the stitches.

Basic Knitting Instructions

If you don't know basic knitting stitches and abbreviations you will want to read the following LoveToKnow articles before continuing.

Making Your Scarf

To begin your scarf, cast on 35 to 40 stitches, depending on the width you want your scarf to be.

  1. Row One: Using the knit or garter stitch, knit the stitches to the end of the row. Turn.
  2. Row Two: Knit to the end of the row. Turn.
  3. Continue on in this way until your scarf is at least 60 inches long or as long as you want it to be.
  4. Last Row: Knit all the way across. Turn.
  5. Cast off according to the instructions above.
  6. Clip the yarn and secure the end by weaving it into the scarf.

To Add Fringe

Many people like to add fringe to their scarves. Adding it is a simple process, requiring few supplies:

  • Cardboard rectangle 5-inches long by 3-inches wide
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn

To make your fringe, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Wrap the yarn around the width of the cardboard. Cut it evenly along the bottom, giving yourself several six-inch pieces of yarn.
  2. Fold one piece in half.
  3. Push the crochet hook through a loop on one of the ends of the scarf.
  4. Fold one piece of fringe in half evenly, making a loop at the top.
  5. Put hook through the loop and pull the loop through the scarf.
  6. Wrap the ends of the fringe around the crochet hook, and pull them through the loop.
  7. Tighten. Two pieces of fringe have been added.
  8. Repeat this process until you have fringe all the way across your scarf.

Keep practicing and learning a variety of stitches and you will soon have a wardrobe of scarves that can be worn with any outfit. Best of all you will be practicing skills that will allow you to move on to larger projects.

Now, when one of your friends says, "Teach me how to knit a scarf!" you'll know just what to say.

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Teach Me How to Knit a Scarf