Fabric Crafts

Fabric crafts

There are so many different kinds of fabric crafts that you are sure to find something to love in working with fabric. From quilting to sewing, scrap crafts to no-sew projects, fabric crafts are for everyone.

T-Shirt Quilt

A really fun fabric craft that anyone can make is a T-shirt quilt. Everyone has a bunch of T-shirts they don't really want to throw away but don't wear anymore. This is a wonderful way to use them.

Cut up your T-shirts so that there are a couple of inches of blank T-shirt around the edge of the logo if possible. You might alter that to get more squares that are the same size. If you have some pieces that don't make squares, you might have to do a little fancy designing to get all the shirts into the design, or you could make some T-shirt pillows with the ones that don't quite fit.

Lay your squares out on the floor to see what order you would like to put them in. Then sew them together in rows using a straight stitch on your sewing machine. For backing, flannel or jersey is really nice. Finish the quilt top by stitching in the ditch--the stitching lines that sew the squares together.

Gift Bags

Another great project that's quick and easy for anyone to make is fabric gift bags. For a no-sew fabric craft, use a fabric such as fleece or faux suede that doesn't unravel and cut to the size you need. Put the gift in the middle and close up the fabric around it. Tie with a ribbon, raffia, or whatever else you like.

For a fancier bag, cut out two pieces of any fabric, using a plain lining fabric as well if your chosen fabric is flimsy or see-through. Lining the bag makes it stand up a little better and last longer. Cut two pieces of your lining fabric as well. All four pieces should be the same size.

Stack the outside fabric on the inside fabric, with the right sides out. Fold over a half inch or so of the fabric to make a hem for the top of the bag. Sew this line on both halves of your bag.

Then, put the sides of the bag together, with the outsides facing each other. Sew around the three sides that do not have the hem. Turn it inside out and press if necessary. Sew a piece of ribbon to the outside of the bag, or just use a piece of ribbon to tie the bag closed without tacking it down.

Fabric Book Covers

Here's a good fabric craft for kids and an easy way to make a quick gift for any occasion. This is a wonderful way to jazz up a plain store-bought photo album or journal.

All you have to do is cut a piece of fabric large enough to wrap all the way around the cover of the book while it is open, plus an inch or two extra all the way around. Start on either the front or the back. Fold the raw edge over; you could press the raw edges over with an iron to make this easier. Use glue to attach the edge to the inside of the book cover.

Leave the book open and glue the cover to the spine. Then, glue the other side to the inside of the book cover. Glue around the other inside edges, folding down the excess and making sure the raw edge is folded inside. Make sure the book will close and then allow to dry.

You can decorate the outside further by gluing on ribbons, stripes of contrasting fabrics, appliqué cutouts, or whatever you want. To make the book cover even fancier, put a thin layer of batting between the book and your fabric cover.

No-Sew Fabric Crafts

There are other fabric crafts you can make if you don't know how to sew. Fleece is a lot of fun to work with and you can make scarves or blankets very easily. This is a great way to make a bunch of gifts in an afternoon.

Decide what size you want your finished piece to be. Add six inches or more all the way around your blanket or at the top and bottom of your scarf to make fringe. Cut your fleece, then make fringe by cutting the edges into strips about a half-inch wide. To make it a little fancier, make sure you end up with an even number of fringes on each side and tie two together all the way around the blanket.

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Fabric Crafts