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One of the greatest things about sewing is that you can create things you might ordinarily have purchased. Having a good assortment of sewing projects to choose from can help you kick off your own sewing journey. Take a look at the many different projects found on LoveToKnow Sewing to get started.

Project Ideas

If you have a large amount of a specific material and you're wondering what to do with it, or you want ideas for specific groups of projects like those surrounding a holiday, you'll find a wide range of projects that can suit your every need. Find creative ideas geared to topics such as:

  • Specific Types of Fabric: If you have a lot of one type of fabric, like fleece or pink camo, take a look at specific project ideas that can help you find things to do with it.
  • Leftover Fabric: If you sew frequently, you may end up with a large scrap bag on hand. Get information on projects you can make using scraps to put them to good use.
  • Gifts and Crafts: One of the benefits of sewing is that you can make things for other people or for the house. Get project ideas for homemade gifts, and holiday crafts you can decorate with.

Specific Projects and How-Tos

Sometimes you already have an idea for a project, but the instructions or know-how just aren't there. In this case, check out a variety of different step-by-step guides that can help clarify things for you.

  • How-Tos and Tutorials: Look to the information on LoveToKnow Sewing to get a range of different tutorials that break projects down for you. Try making wizard robes, quilted purses or hobo purses for example.
  • Alteration Instructions: Sometimes your project isn't a big one, such as altering the waistband or changing the length or taper on a pair of pants. Get the instructions you need to get the job done correctly the first time.
  • Projects for All Abilities: Whether you've been sewing for a while and you're ready to tackle something difficult like working with upholstery, or you're looking for something more for a beginner, you'll find a project that's exactly your speed.

Start Sewing

With so many different projects at your disposal, you'll never run out of ideas for things to sew. Pick out a new project to tackle and start sewing.

Sewing Projects