Printable Sewing Patterns

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Having some sewing patterns you can print out and use when you need them can be invaluable for novice and advanced sewers alike. Take a look at this collection of different patterns available for download and printing to expand your own inventory of patterns.

Free Sewing Patterns to Print

From appliques to pet apparel, there are numerous free patterns ready to be printed and used. These patterns are all available as PDFs; download them to your computer, then print them as often as you want.

  • Fleece Hat: Print out this free pattern for a fleece hat. The pattern can be sized to fit any head by enlarging it accordingly.
  • Patterns for Babies: Download and print two different patterns for babies: a pair of baby booties and a swaddle pouch that will take the guess work out of wrapping a swaddle blanket.
  • Baby Bibs: Download and print three different patterns for baby bibs. Included are patterns for a pocket bib and a reversible bib.
  • Free-Hand Sewing: Even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can still take advantage of printable patterns. Download the patterns to make both a flower brooch and a mini-quilt with these free hand sewing patterns.
  • Purse Patterns: More adventurous sewers can take advantage of these free, printable patterns for purses. Get patterns to sew both a wristlet and a hand bag.
  • Mittens: Print out patterns to sew a pair of mittens for anyone in your life. Included are patterns for women's, men's and child's mittens.
  • Appliques: Make and apply your own embellishments with these downloadable applique patterns. Get patterns for cupcake, bird or kite appliques.
  • Pet Apparel: Print out pet patterns that can help you create coats for small and large dogs, as well as a coat for a ferret and a necktie for your cat.

Browse Pattern Collections

In addition to these patterns, there are also several other places you can find printable patterns around the web, including:

  • PrintSew has a large catalog of different sewing patterns all available online, created by some well-known brands such as McCall's and Butterick. Once you make your purchase, you can download and print the pattern at home, without needing to wait for shipping. They also offer several free patterns you can access once you register with the site.
  • Burda Style offers a variety of fashionable clothing and accessory patterns for purchase, available in PDF format. Their patterns range from very simple to more complicated allowing sewers of all levels the chance to find a pattern that works for them. Users also have the option of uploading their own original work, giving you the opportunity to find some unique items.
  • Craft and Fabric Links has fully illustrated printable patterns that include step-by-step instructions. Pattern selections include instructions for a wide variety of clothing, accessories, home décor, gifts and more. Browse by category to find what you are looking for. All patterns on this site are free.

Start Sewing

With the wide variety of printable patterns available, you'll have no trouble finding something for your next project. Whether you're looking for something complex or something for a beginner, gather several different patterns and store them on your computer so they're ready when you want to pick up your needle and thread.

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Printable Sewing Patterns