Micro Preemie Clothes Patterns

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The Internet is a great resource for micro preemie clothes patterns. Many stores carry preemie clothes, but not in micro sizes. Yet, you don't have to buy ill-fitting large preemie or doll clothes. If you have had a hard time finding micro preemie clothes, make your own. Consider using a pattern to make personalized clothing for your baby.

Why Micro Preemie Clothes Patterns

When you have a premature baby, the baby may have to spend some time in the hospital before you can bring her home. You may find it comforting to sew clothing for your baby during the wait. Sewing clothes for your baby will guarantee an accurate and comfortable fit. You can also create a large variety of cute clothes for your baby instead of selecting from the limited supply of manufactured clothes in stores.

Difference Between Micro and Preemie Sizes

Micro preemie is a term to describe a premature baby that weighs between 1 to 3 pounds and is younger than 29 gestational weeks. Most preemie clothes are designed to fit a baby that weighs between 4 and 5 pounds. Regular preemie clothes will be too large for a micro preemie and potentially uncomfortable. A proper fit is also important for a micro preemie because clothing should be hospital safe and not interfere with any IVs or oxygen tubes worn by a baby. The clothing should also be soft and comfortable, especially if a baby recently had surgery.

Types of Micro Preemie Patterns

Many different types of micro preemie clothes patterns are available. Types of micro preemie clothes patterns include:

  • Onesies: Patterns for one piece outfits that resemble manufactured onesies are available.
  • Shirts: You can find patterns for traditional baby shirts and for cute short or long-sleeved shirts with designs.
  • Sweaters: Knit or crochet a warm sweater for your new baby with soft yarn.
  • Pants: You can make a basic pair of pants or a cute trendy pair for your baby.
  • Hats: It is important to keep your baby's head warm. Sew a comfortable cotton hat in a cute pattern or knit a warm, soft hat in colorful yarn.
  • Nightgowns: Newborns are often more comfortable in nightgowns than footed pajamas. Sew a cozy nightgown for that will keep your baby warm and allow easier diaper changes than pajamas.
  • Sleepers: Footed pajamas are also known as sleepers. If your baby can wear footed pajamas, choose from a variety of cute patterns for sleepers.
  • Sleep sacks: You can make your own wearable blanket or sleep sack. Wearable blankets are great for keeping your baby warm after she comes home.
  • Dresses: Many patterns for pretty dresses for all occasions are available. Choose from casual dresses to dressy church clothes.
  • Socks: Sock patterns are a good first project for a beginner.
  • Booties: Beginners will also find bootie patterns easier as first projects.
  • Mittens: Mittens can keep your baby's hands warm and keep her from accidentally scratching her face.
  • Coats: Make an adorable first coat for your baby to wear for dressy occasions.
  • Bunting: Keep your newborn warm by making a snuggly fleece bunting.

You can find micro preemie patterns for sewing, knitting or crocheting clothes. Beginner and advanced patterns are available.

Search local sewing and craft stores for micro preemie patterns. You may get lucky and find what you need. The Internet is your best bet for finding a variety of clothes patterns in micro preemie sizes, however.

Online Sources for Micro Preemie Patterns

Many online craft sites and retailers offer micro preemie patterns for free or for purchase. Websites that have micro preemie patterns include:

  • Bev's Country Cottage: Bev's Country Cottage has a large selection of free preemie and micro preemie patterns. Micro preemie patterns include rib hats and bumpy hats.
  • Care Wear: The Care Wear site has free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns for micro preemies and preemies.
  • P2designs: The site has a number of free patterns for micro preemies and preemies, including a T-bonnet that is suitable for the Nicu.
  • Angels 4 Preemies: The site has a free pattern for a soft micro preemie hat.
  • Wicked Web: The blog has some free micro preemie patterns such as a crochet bunting.

You can find micro preemie clothes patterns to match your skill level. Don't settle for large preemie or ill-fitting doll clothes. Why not enjoy making adorable outfits for your baby? The clothes you make will be a true gift of the heart.

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