Free Patterns for Sewing Hats

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Whether you're making a summer sun hat for a child or a fun winter cap for yourself, free patterns make it affordable and easy to create your own headwear. The Internet is an excellent source for free hat patterns of all kinds.

Free Patterns for Winter Hats

Winter hats make great gifts, and they are also a fun way to try out new sewing skills on a small scale. Whether you choose to make a fleece stocking cap or a recycled sweater beret, there are lots of fun designs on the web.

Kids' Winter Hats

The following free patterns will help you make a winter hat for a child:

  • has instructions for making a child-sized polar fleece hat and a matching scarf.
  • A Hoot and a Holler has an easy tutorial for making a child's hat out of an old sweater.
  • Martha Stewart has patterns for five different polar fleece hats to fit kids of all ages.

Adults' Winter Hats

You'll love these free patterns for grown up winter hats:

  • Leafy Treetop Spot has instructions and photos for making a cute fleece cap.
  • Alisa Burke has a helpful tutorial for making a vintage-style fleece hat.
  • Canadian Living offers a free pattern for making a fleece balaclava.

Free Patterns for Kids' Sun Hats

There's nothing like a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. Turn heads the next time you're at the beach with a cute sun hat your made yourself. Use one of these free patterns to make a summer hat for a little one:

  • Craft Magazine has a free pattern for making a cute sun hat for kids of all ages.
  • IndieTutes has a free tutorial for making a kids' sun hat with a turned-up brim.
  • CraftyStylish has instructions for making a cool sun hat using a single pattern piece.

Baby Hats

You can make a special hat for the new baby in your life using one of the many free patterns available online. Try one of these popular designs:

Other Hats

These fun hat patterns might be just the thing you need to complete that outfit:

  • Mushroom Villagers has instructions for making an adorable newsboy cap.
  • HGTV has a tutorial for making a very fancy taffeta hat with a silk rose.
  • HeadHuggers has a pattern for making a pretty chemo cap.

Tips for Choosing a Hat Pattern

With all the great patterns available on the Internet, it can seem overwhelming to choose the one that's right for you. Consider the following as you browse:

  • Choose a pattern that matches your sewing skill level. If you're a beginner, look for a pattern with less than six steps.
  • Select a hat that the recipient will love. If you're sewing for yourself, this is easy. If you're making a hat for someone else, make sure it's the kind of thing that person usually wears.
  • Measure the person's head size before you get started. Although some hats say they are designed to fit children, they may not fit all kids. Always double-check before you begin.
  • Have fun with the fabrics and embellishments. Consider adding an applique or some cute trim to give the hat a unique look.

Affordable Style

With a free pattern and less than a yard of fabric, it's easy to create a hat for a few dollars. If you find a pattern you love, you may even make several of the same style in different colors. No matter which type of hat you choose to make, you'll love wearing this fun fashion statement you made yourself.

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Free Patterns for Sewing Hats