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Many Singer machines feature several pre-set stitches.

For experienced seamstresses and novices alike, finding the right sewing machine is an important task. As one of the oldest and most popular brands in sewing history, Singer has a great reputation for producing handy and reliable machines.

Singers for Beginners

If you're just learning how to sew or are looking for a kids' sewing machine, it's often best to select a sewing machine with fewer bells and whistles. Simple machines are typically more affordable, and they also require fewer repairs. The following Singers are popular with beginning seamstresses.

Singer 1507

This very simple Singer consistently gets excellent reviews from consumers. The Singer 1507 costs less than $100 and offers eight stitches. It includes several different accessories, such as a zipper foot, buttonhole foot, general purpose foot, and extra needles and bobbins. This machine is small and lightweight, so it's a good option if you have limited space. Consumers report that it is very quiet, but some people dislike the bobbin structure.

Singer 7462

At less than $200, the Singer 7462 is an affordable option with lots of great features. This machine performs 30 different stitches, including a straight stitch, zigzag stitch, blanket stitch, and a buttonhole. It comes with many accessories, is lightweight and powerful, and can sew through heavyweight fabrics or several layers of cloth. On the downside, some consumers report that this machine is loud and that it does not accept all types of thread.

Vintage Singers

If you're just learning to sew or need a simple machine, consider a vintage Singer. Many of these older models are perfectly functional and can perform all the tasks you need. They are usually quite affordable, starting at around $50 for a refurbished model. Choose a machine that has been serviced by a professional. Keep in mind that many vintage Singers are heavier than modern machines. You can buy used Singers at resale shops and sewing machine stores, as well as at online auction sites like Ebay.

Singers for Expert Seamstresses

If you do a lot of home sewing or enjoy machine quilting, there are several Singer machines that will meet your needs. Look for sewing machines with lots of useful stitch functions, embroidery capabilities, and the ability to sew through many layers of fabric.

Singer 7470 Confidence

The Singer 7470 Confidence is an electronic sewing machine that offers 173 different stitch functions. You can use this machine to embroider letters and numbers, quilt, and embellish your projects with a variety of decorative stitches. Consumers love the easy bobbin loading and the quiet performance, but some complain about the machine's weight (about 21 pounds). The Singer 7470 Confidence sells for under $350.

Singer Futura CE-250

Billed as a sewing machine and embroidery machine in one, the Singer Futura CE-250 gives expert seamstresses the capability to create a wide range of projects. In addition to the 100 pre-set stitches and 120 pre-programmed embroidery designs, this machine allows you to import an image to embroider on your work. Consumers love the versatility of this machine, but some complain that the sensors incorrectly report broken threads. The Singer Futura CE-250 sells for about $750.

Singer HD-110 Heavy Duty

If you do a lot of sewing or are a professional seamstress, the Singer HD-110 Heavy Duty model may be a good choice. At under $300, it's also a very affordable option. Featuring a strong metal frame, a high-speed motor, and a bed plate constructed of stainless steel, this machine is designed to last. It includes an extension table for sewing big projects like slipcovers, and it also comes with a circle-sewing attachment. With only 10 standard stitch patterns, this machine is not designed for embroidery.

Where to Buy Singer Sewing Machines

Once you've decided on the Singer model that is best for your needs, it's time to look for the best deal. Compare prices at local craft stores and sewing machine shops, as well as the following online retailers:

You can also find a list of authorized retailers on the Singer website.

Using Your Machine for Years to Come

When you buy a new sewing machine, you expect it to last for a long time. To keep your Singer running smoothly, be sure to keep it clean and dust-free. Remove lint that builds up in the bobbin compartment, and always store it with the cover on. Take your machine in for service according to the manufacturer's recommendations. With proper care, you'll be using this Singer sewing machine for years to come.

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