All Wood Sewing Machine Cabinets and Tables

Consider purchasing a wood sewing machine cabinet or table.

When you purchase all wood sewing machine cabinets and tables, you are buying furniture that should last through several generations.

Machines from the Past

For many people, the term "sewing machine" brings back memories of a grandmother's foot-propelled antique machine. The machine itself was probably a Singer or some other sewing machine brand that has been around for generations. It may have been etched with gold writing and exhibited the elegant look that still commands top dollar for antique sewing machine collectors from around the world.

These machines typically still have their original cabinet or table, and most of them were made of wood with iron supports. Why have they lasted? No doubt, it is because of the sturdy materials from which they were constructed.

While today's machines have certainly taken a turn from the almost ornate models of the past, all wood sewing machine cabinets and tables continue to follow the sturdy construction of their predecessors.

All Wood Sewing Machine Cabinets and Tables

Once you've been bitten by the sewing bug, you may find yourself enthusiastically searching for the perfect sewing machine. You can find machines for under $100, or you can find a machine with all of the bells and whistles for several hundred bucks.

Keep in mind, however, that the inexpensive models are tabletop machines. Although their portability is convenient for storage, they simply won't last as long as a machine encased in wooden housing. In other words, you get what you pay for!

Used Machines

Before you think you have to spend a fortune to purchase an all wooden cabinet and machine, consider purchasing a used machine. Where should you look for one of these? Consider the following options:

  • Sewing Machine Stores: Check your phone book or online directory for listings of sewing machine suppliers. Many times these dealers take in used machines on trade. You may be able to find a sewing machine with a wood table or cabinet for a fraction of the cost of a new one. You should ask if the model you are purchasing has been serviced, as well. If not, consider having it serviced before you leave the store.
  • Classifieds: If you haven't checked out the miscellaneous section of your local newspaper, you may be missing out on the perfect machine! One man's trash could be your treasure!
  • Online Auctions: Sites such as eBay offer sewing machines, cabinets, and tables.
  • Online Classified Ad Communities: Places like Craigslist allow people to post items wanted and items for sale. You can search for free!
  • Antique or Thrift Shops: Antique or thrift shops may have sewing machines in wooden cabinets or tables that date back only a decade or so. They may not be true antiques, but they're still great bargains. Again, once you've purchased your machine, take it in to be serviced.

What to Look For

As you search for all wood sewing machine cabinets and tables, keep in mind that comfort is important. You can look for ergonomic sewing tables made of wood that are designed to lessen the stress and strain that sewing can cause to your body. Even if you don't find a tilted table, you should look for a table or cabinet that comes to a comfortable height on your body. Some wooden cabinets and tables are adjustable. If you can't find a cabinet that suits you, consider having one custom built. You'll probably want to visit your local sewing machine shop to purchase a machine. They may have a listing of craftsmen who are experienced in building custom sewing machine cabinets and tables to fit your machine. The following sites have tables and cabinets available as well:


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All Wood Sewing Machine Cabinets and Tables