How to Sew a Fabric Pennant

Making a Fabric Pennant Banner

If you're looking for a fun project to decorate a kid's room, enhance party decor, or give your classroom a little extra flair, this easy pennant banner is a perfect choice. To make the banner, you'll need about half an hour and the following supplies:

  • Small scraps of cotton fabric in three colors
  • Thin rope or cording
  • Pinking shears and a fabric pencil
  • Cardstock for making a pattern

Make a Pattern

You'll need a basic pattern for your pennants. You can make this any size you like, but a good choice is about nine inches long and six inches wide. To make the pattern, fold a piece of cardstock in half. Measure half the desired width from the folded edge, and make a vertical cut that is about an inch and a half long. From there, cut down at a diagonal until you reach the desired length. Then unfold the pattern.

Draw the Pennant Shape

Spread your fabric out on your work surface, and place the pattern on the material. Holding the cardstock firmly with one hand, use a fabric pencil to trace along the outside of the shape. Make as many pieces of each fabric as you would like.

Cut Out the Shapes

Use the pinking shears to cut out the triangles of the pennant. Wash or brush off any residual fabric pencil.

Arrange the Cord

After you have cut out several pennant shapes from each color of fabric, it's time to start sewing. Pick your first color, and place the pennant triangle face down on your work surface. Lay the cord over the flat end of the shape, about an inch from the edge.

Fold Over the Edge

Fold the edge of the fabric over the cord. If you're concerned about people seeing the back of your pennant, roll the edge under the cord for a finished look. For a simpler project, simply leave the raw edge exposed.

Sew the Pennant Banner

Install the zipper foot on your sewing machine, and sew along the cord to secure the folded edge. Be careful not to sew over the cord, since leaving the pennant loose on the cord will allow you to adjust it later. Repeat this step with each triangle, alternating the colors. Add as many triangles as you need to create the desired length of banner.

Finish the Banner

When you have attached all the triangles of your pennant banner, spread it out on your work surface. Adjust the triangles to space them evenly on the cord, and trim any loose threads. When you're ready to hang the banner, simply attach each end to the wall.

These colorful pennant banners are great for using fabric scraps and creating one-of-a-kind, simple party decorations. Use your imagination to make a pretty banner for your next event.

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