Hem Marker Sewing Supplies

Do you have all the sewing supplies you need?

Whether you are just venturing into the world of sewing or you are a veteran seamstress, hem marker sewing supplies should definitely be added to your stock of sewing notions and accessories.

What Is a Hem Marker?

If you aren't sure what a hem marker is, you aren't alone. For many, marking a hem simply means taking a crayon or piece of chalk, using a tape measure, and marking the length of a hem every few inches. Hems can then be hand stitched or machine sewn, depending upon your preferences.

More experienced sewers will tell you, however, that they just can't live without their hem marker sewing supplies. These gadgets, referred to as hem markers, make the process a little less stressful.

You can be the best seamstress in town, but if you don't know how to add a nicely finished hem to your garment, you've simply missed the mark. For many seamstresses, a hand sewn hem is the most unobtrusive choice, while others like the classic, machine stitched hem found in store bought clothing. Either way, you'll need to mark the hem correctly before you can begin. Purchasing a hem marker will make this a little easier to do.

Marking the Hem

The best way to measure and mark a hem is to do so while the garment is worn, either by you, a model, or a mannequin. How you measure will depend upon the type of garment being made.

  • Dresses and Skirts: Begin with a one inch hem. (You can add or reduce this as necessary, but this is a good measurement to begin with.) You should measure from the floor and make the hem parallel to the floor as well.
  • Sleeves: Because one arm is generally longer than the other, you'll need to measure both arms and adjust the hem accordingly. Turn up the hem so that it fits according to your preferences.
  • Pants: Again, one leg can be longer than the other, so measure both legs. You can make the hem parallel all the way around, or you can choose to make the back hem slightly longer than the front to cover or partially cover the heel of the shoe.
  • Trim: You may need to trim excess material so that the hem is of a consistent length all the way around the garment.

Hem Marker Sewing Supplies

Hem marker sewing supplies can be found in sewing shops, fabric stores, and online. These supplies include the following:

  • Fabric Markers: This is basically a magic marker. You'll measure and mark your hem, but the mark can be erased using a damp cloth and cold water.
  • Chalk Marker: This chalk marker or liner works like the magic marker. Marks can be erased easily as well.
  • Pin Skirt Hem Marker: This hem marker is simple to use and quite handy. You can actually clamp the fabric and pin the material in one motion. The marker has a magnet on its base that keeps each pin where you place it. When using this hem marker, always pin to a single fabric thickness.

Where To Shop

Search the following Web sites for hem marker sewing supplies:

  • Joann: You can find the Dritz Deluxe chalk hem marker. With this gadget, you can mark hems from three inches to 27 ½ inches from the floor. It folds easily for storage, and you just squeeze the handle to dispense the chalk line.
  • Amazon: The Dritz marker can be found at this site as well.
  • Sew Direct: Order a plastic hem marker at this site.


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Hem Marker Sewing Supplies