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Whether you yearn to sew clothes, quilts, or decorative items, you can expand your skills and learn new techniques simply by turning on your computer and checking out a few free online sewing classes. There's no need to invest in expensive lessons when you have such a wide variety of free ones right at your fingertips.

Free Video Sewing Lessons

For people who prefer to see what they're learning, video lessons reign supreme. Along with comprehensive voice instructions, viewers can witness each step of the lesson and see a finished sample created start-to-finish by an instructor.

Teach Yourself to Sew by Judith Neukam

One great resource for online lessons is Teach Yourself to Sew. In these videos, Threads Magazine's Senior Technical editor Judith Neukam gives you all the basics as well as information about machines and advanced techniques. Find out how to sew and place bust darts, learn the best techniques for sewing a blind hem, and discover how to make a quilter's knot. There are dozens of great videos that are practical and specific to skills you'll enjoy learning.

The Crafty Gemini Free Sewing Classes

If you're looking for great lessons that focus on learning how to complete projects, try The Crafty Gemini Free Sewing Classes. These YouTube videos feature classes for beginners in sewing and quilting. Projects include iPad sleeves, pillows, and more. If you can't find the class you're looking for, check out the Crafty Gemini blog for detailed instructions and video links.

Burda Style Sewing Lessons

Another great resource is Burda Style Sewing Lessons. This pattern company has a wealth of photo and video classes, which cover a wide range of skills from beginner to advanced. Learn everything from how to install a new foot on your sewing machine to how to draft a pattern or sew a coat lining. The lessons are also rated by other users, so you can choose the topics that are the most useful.

eSewing Workshop

If you're looking for even more videos, you can also try eSewing Workshop Free Samples. While it's true you can't get every element of these classes for free, you can get several chapters at no cost before making the decision to purchase more. Course materials include sewing essentials, pattern-making, alterations and accessories. There's even a full free course on using a home sewing machine.

Free Text-Based Classes

Some people learn best by studying a detailed and clearly-written set of instructions, preferably accompanied by images or illustrations. Fortunately, these types of classes are readily available online and usually include directions for completing a project as you learn.

Craft and Fabric Free Sewing Lessons

For clearly written and illustrated classes, try out Craft and Fabric Free Sewing Lessons. Take your pick of easy-to-follow free lessons, including the downloadable "Sewing Book," which supplies everything a beginner needs to learn how to sew. There are also lessons on quilting, learning to use your sewing machine, and a number of other topics.

Julie Culshaw's Free Beginner Sewing Courses

If you like project-based learning, try Julie Culshaw's Free Beginner Sewing Courses. Julie teaches her web students how to make several smart clothing items. Selections include two skirts, a blouse, a detailed shirt and a vest.

Sewing Support's Learn to Sew Class

For step-by-step instruction in the basics, you can't beat Sewing Support's Learn to Sew Class. These lessons detail every step of the sewing process, no matter how insignificant it may seem. For instance, there's an entire class dedicated to choosing the right sewing tools. At the end of the course, you will have learned everything needed to create a sewing project of your choice.

Expanding Your Skills

Like all creative endeavors, learning to sew like a pro takes time and commitment. Once you've mastered the basic techniques aimed at beginners, continue to expand your skill level by seeking out more advanced sewing classes, both in a local setting and online.

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Free Online Sewing Classes