Romantic Boyfriend Crafts

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Making handmade gifts for the men in your life isn't always an easy task, but LoveToKnow Crafts is here to help with a selection of ideas for romantic boyfriend crafts.

Getting Started

Handmade gifts can be thoughtful presents, but there are a few factors you should consider before you start your craft project:

  • Think about how long you've been dating. If your relationship is new, it's best to keep your project simple and inexpensive. Most men are not avid crafters, so anything that looks complicated and involved is going to seem intimidating.
  • Be careful with romantic boyfriend crafts that imply future commitment. If your boyfriend is the type of guy who gets skittish about the idea of a steady relationship, steer clear of presents that make it seem like you're hoping to walk down the aisle in the next few months.
  • Make it personal. A good gift is reflection of the special bond you two share. If you enjoy watching movies together, try to come up with a gift that incorporates this activity. If you're big sports fans, a present with an athletic theme would be appropriate. For most men, thoughtfulness is more important than the price tag of a gift.
  • Ask for help. If you're really not sure what type of gift would be appropriate, ask for suggestions from a mutual friend. Getting a second opinion is a good way to make sure your gift is a hit.

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts can be great choices for any occasion, including holidays such as Valentines Day. Here are a few suggestions for romantic boyfriend crafts that incorporate this idea:

  • Create a no-sew fleece blanket, then wrap up the supplies for a nice picnic lunch. If you live someplace where it's too cold to be eating outside, plan for a makeshift picnic in your living room.
  • Decorate a wooden serving tray by decoupaging it with special photos of the two of you together or mementos such as old greeting cards and love letters. Use the tray to serve him breakfast in bed.
  • Design a small scrapbook album, leaving blank spaces for photos and journaling. Surprise your boyfriend by wrapping up the album with tickets to a concert or other special event.
  • Surprise your boyfriend with a homemade wine rack filled with all the supplies you need for a private wine tasting event.

More Ideas for Romantic Boyfriend Crafts

Here are a few more ideas for romantic boyfriend crafts:

  • Lego cuff links are a great gift for the kid at heart who now spends his days in a suit and tie.
  • A hand-stitched iPhone cover is a thoughtful present for a guy who loves gadgets and wants to protect his investment.
  • Magnets aren't traditionally considered a very "manly" sort of gift, but a boyfriend who loves beer may find bottle cap magnets to be a welcome addition to his home.
  • Jar lamps can be filled with golf balls or other small items to create a personalized present.
  • A book clock can be a fun gift for a man who likes to read, especially if you can find a copy of his favorite book that features a nicely designed cover. Alternatively, you could use a clock kit to turn a favorite CD into a timepiece for a music lover.

You can also find tips on crafting for men in the LoveToKnow Crafts article Romantic Valentines Day Crafts.

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Romantic Boyfriend Crafts