One Minute Crafts

one minute crafts

Being creative doesn't need to take all day! With one-minute projects, you can enjoy the satisfaction of making a handmade item in less time than it takes to choose something to watch on Netflix.

Customized Hair Accessories

Use up unwanted nail polish by making customized bobby pins or hair clips. This easy craft project is a great one for tween and teen girls to do at a slumber party, but it's also perfect for anyone who wants hair accessories to match an outfit.

bobby pins


  • Nail polish
  • Index card
  • Bobby pins or hair clip


  1. Place bobby pins or a hair clip on the index card.
  2. Paint the pins or clip with nail polish. A dark color with a slight metallic tint will offer the best coverage, but lighter colors will work if you want to do more than one coat.
  3. Allow the polish to dry completely before using these accessories in your hair.

If you have little extra time, try a color blocked design or a pattern such as polka dots with different shades of nail polish.

DIY Perfume

Why wear store-bought perfume when you can create your own custom scent? This project is so simple you can make a different fragrance for every day of the week.




  1. Add 20 drops of essential oil to your empty roller bottle. You can use a single oil, such as lavender, or select a blend of oils that you like. For example, 10 drops of peppermint and 10 drops of wild orange essential oil creates an uplifting fragrance.
  2. Top up the bottle with your fractionated coconut oil.
  3. Close the bottle. If you have little extra time, decorate the bottle with washi tape and self-adhesive rhinestone trim.

Be sure to shake the bottle gently before using your perfume.

Sunglasses Case

If you're sick of your sunglasses getting lost or damaged in your bag, keep them safe in a plastic case made from an empty drink mix container.

sunglasses case


  • Empty plastic drink mix container (cleaned and dried)
  • Patterned duct tape sheet
  • Scissors


  1. Cut sheet of duct tape to fit around empty plastic drink container.
  2. Remove self adhesive backing and apply to container. It will work best if you remove the backing in small sections and smooth it out as you roll it around the container.
  3. If you have a little extra time, add trim around the top or stripes around the middle with a second complementary color of tape.

Pearl Candle

Give an inexpensive dollar store candle an upscale look with pretty pearls and a wine glass. Make several and cluster them together for a frugal party centerpiece.

wine glass candle holder



  1. Add self-adhesive pearls around the bottom of your candle.
  2. Display the candle on an upside-down wine glass with the flower underneath. Use silk flowers if you want your decoration to last more than a few hours.

Memory Ornament

Preserve your tiny treasures by creating memory ornaments that can be displayed in your home all year long. These personalized creations can be hung from a shelf or displayed as a group in a decorative bowl.

memory ornament


  • Clear plastic fillable ball ornament
  • Polished rocks, beads, charms, tiny toys, photos, written messages, etc.
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Open ornament and fill with your desired keepsakes. The example above uses portions of a rock collection and a wallet size size school photo.
  2. Close the ornament and add ribbon at the top. Tie a bow if you plan to display your ornament in a decorative bowl. Make a loop if you wish to hang your ornament.

More Quick and Easy Craft Projects

If you're all about instant gratification, you'll love these quick and easy craft projects:

  • Washi Tape Projects: Use washi tape to personalize picture frames, spray bottles, storage containers, and more.
  • Paper Fans: Create fans from decorative paper to keep yourself cool on a warm summer day.
  • Beaded Bookmarks: Tie beads on scraps of ribbon to make simple bookmarks.
  • Printable Paper Crafts: Make napkin rings, a family tree, or a bird bookmark using free PDF printables.

Fitting Creativity Into Your Schedule

Flexing your creative muscles helps reduce stress and lets you express yourself. Quick, simple crafts are an excellent way to get the benefits of crafting regardless of how busy your schedule is. Try some of these craft ideas and then use them to inspire unique, one-minute projects of your own.

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