How to Make a Duct Tape Flower Ring

Duct Tape Flower Ring

Duct tape has long been the go-to product for household fixes, but it has many more possibilities. There are now many colors and design options for this wonder tape, giving it a crafty appeal for a wide variety of projects. Choose your favorite hue and graphic to make a duct tape flower ring.

Duct Tape Rose Ring Pattern

Similar to the large cocktail rings that grace the fingers of your favorite celebrities, these rings are much cheaper and much quicker to own. This project is easy to do, but is most suited for teens and adults as the use of a craft knife should not be allowed by children.

You Will Need:

  • Decorative duct tape
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Pipe cleaner (chenille stem)
  • Scissors
  • Ring blank


  1. Roll out a 30" length of duct tape on your cutting surface. Depending on the size of your surface you may need to cut multiple lengths to fit. Lay the edge of a ruler down the center length of the tape. Using a craft knife, cut along the ruler's edge, evenly dividing the width of the tape strip.
  2. Using the ruler and the craft knife, cut 1" squares across the width of the tape. Note: Typically, duct tape is slightly narrower than 2". Each half of the cut strip (from the previous step) will be just shy of 1". Not exactly a square, but each piece will be referred to as squares for these instructions. You will have a total of 60 cut squares.
  3. Form your petals. Peel one square from your cutting surface and turn with the sticky side facing up. Fold the square into a triangle with the sticky sides together, leaving a scant 1/4" of sticky backing exposed on two sides of the triangle. Fold the triangle in half again with the right-hand sticky edge placed just below the left-hand sticky edge, leaving the left sticky edge exposed. One petal made. Repeat with each of the remaining cut squares.
    Making the petals.
    Making the petals
  4. Lay one petal on your work surface with the sticky side facing up and the point at the top. Place the end of a pipe cleaner on the petal with the end slightly below the petal point. Tightly wrap the petal around the pipe cleaner. This is the center of your rose. Note the point of the petal is on one side of the pipe cleaner.
    Attach the center petal.
    Attach the center petal.
  5. Place another petal around the first petal with the point facing the first petal. Apply two more petals on opposite sides of the center, with points between the gaps of the first petals. This completes the first round of petals.
  6. For the next round, slightly lower the petals and fill in the gaps between petals. Note: The more petals you add, the more gaps there will be to fill in. This is what expands your rounds to fill and shape the rose.
  7. Repeat Step 6 until you have wrapped approximately four rounds. Cut off the long remainder of the pipe cleaner extending from the bottom of the rose.
    Fill in gaps between petals.
    Fill in gaps between petals.
  8. Repeat Step 6. As the diameter of the rose grows, the bottoms of each petal will lay on the back instead of wrapping around the center. This will bloom the rose while creating a flatter back for attaching the flower to a ring. Continue until you have used all of your petals or until you are happy with the size and shape of your rose.
    Finished duct tape rose.
    Front and back view of growing rose
  9. Using the craft knife and ruler, cut two 1/2" wide strips and eight 1/4" wide strips across the width of the duct tape.
  10. Cross the two 1/2" wide strips into a narrow "X." Thread the "X" through a ring blank. Center and stick the middle of the "X" on the back of the ring top. Center the ring top on the back of your rose. Press the ends of the strips to the rose to secure. Add more 1/4" strips over the center of the "X" and over the ends of the strips around the rose.
    Attach the rose to the ring.
    Attach the rose to the ring.

Customizing Tips and Suggestions

The finished shape and size of this rose is a flat blossom with a diameter of approximately 2 1/2". If desired, these features and more can easily be adjusted to fit your individual taste and personality.

  • The easiest way to shrink your rose is with smaller petals. Cut 1/2"-3/4" squares and form the petals in the same way.
  • Create a cone shape to your bloom by wrapping more rounds before cutting off the pipe cleaner. Lowering every other round instead of every round will also help your rose to bud upward instead of blossoming outward.
  • Make your own ring blank with duct tape. Loosely measure the circumference of your finger and add 1/2". Cut a strip of duct tape using this measurement. Fold over one long edge 1/4". Continue to make 1/4" folds until you have folded the entire width of the strip into a band. Cut a 1" strip across the width of duct tape. Form the band into a ring and overlap 1/2". Wrap the ends of the band with the 1" strip.
  • Make a matching pin by attaching a pin back instead of a ring.

Girls' Night Project

No matter whether you have special craft nights with girlfriends or you are looking for a quick and simple project for a sleepover, duct tape flower rings are a great option. Since decorative duct tape can be found most anywhere regular duct tape is sold, you can have everyone bring their own design choice. One roll will make several roses, allowing your guests to share while creating rings to match every outfit in their closets.

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