How to Draw a Cat

Finished drawing of a cat

Cats are popular and appealing pets. Because they are can be an integral part of our lives, it is fun to be able to draw them using the following simple steps.

Drawing a Cat Step By Step

These instructions are suitable for children who are elementary school age and older as well as adults.

Start the Drawing

Use basic shapes to create the outline of the cat, then begin to fill in the details. This approach can also be used to draw other animals, such as a fish or an eagle.

  1. To begin the drawing, lightly sketch a rounded triangle for the body.
  2. Add a circle for the head.
  3. The circle for the head should slightly overlap the top of the body.
cat drawing step 1

Sketch Ears, Neck, and Muzzle

  1. For ears, draw a slightly rounded triangle at each side of the top of the circle for the head.
  2. Connect the head and the body with two curved lines to create the neck.
  3. Add a horizontal oval for the cat's muzzle at the bottom of the circle.
cat drawing step 2

Add Front Legs and Feet

  1. Draw two long ovals for each of the legs. Note that the cat's "knees" bow out slightly.
  2. Add circles for feet.
cat drawing step 3

Finish Sketching Body Parts

  1. Draw almond-shaped eyes above the muzzle.
  2. Break the muzzle into two side-by-side circles.
  3. Draw a triangle between the muzzle circles for the nose.
  4. Add a small oval for the chin.
  5. Draw two curves for the hind legs.
  6. Draw two circles for the hind feet.
  7. Add curved lines along the inside of the ears to make them look three-dimensional.
  8. Clean up your drawing as your work, removing unnecessary lines and marks.
cat drawing step 4

Add Details

  1. The pupils in a cat's eyes are vertical, slightly pointed ovals. Color in the pupils, leaving a small white area in each as a highlight.
  2. Add folds and fur to the ears.
  3. Add the tail.
  4. Add toes to the cat's feet.
  5. Add whiskers and pores (dots) to the cat's muzzle.
  6. Define the cat's mouth with a dark area.
  7. Add fur; you can decide if you want your cat to have short or long hair at this point. For a long-haired cat, add a ruff around the neck.
cat drawing step 5

Finish the Drawing

  1. Darken the outlines and add details such as stripes or special coloring like Siamese points or calico spots.
  2. Add some shading if you'd like, to give the image some depth. You can use your fingertip or a cotton swab to smooth any shading.
  3. Use your eraser to remove all unwanted lines and marks.
  4. In this step you can finish by adding color to your drawing if you wish to do so.
finished cat drawing

Draw Different Kinds of Cats

Once you have mastered the basics, you may want to draw your own cat. Because cats rarely stay in one position for long unless they are sleeping, using a photo instead of a live model can make the task easier. Try drawing different cat breeds, such as Siamese, Persians, and Maine Coons. You can also experiment with coloration, including calico, tortoise shell, and tabbies. To expand your knowledge, you may enjoy the book How to Draw 50 Cats.

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