Duct Tape Purse Designs

Duct tape purses

Duct tape crafts are a fun and economical way to add a little color and personality to any day. While duct tape used to be available only in a dull silver/gray, it now comes in a wide range of different colors, patterns and designs, all of which can be used to create a fun purse. Try these two purse designs to see what you can do with duct tape.

Cardboard Duct Tape Purse

This purse uses cardboard as its base, so it's sturdy and stands upright when not in use.

Cardboard duct tape purse


  • Two colors or styles of duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard


  1. Cut two pieces of cardboard to the size you want your purse to be. These will become the front and back of the purse.
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard to the length of the two pieces you already cut, in the width you want the purse to be. This will become the purse's bottom.
  3. Cut two more pieces of cardboard to the height of the front and back of the purse, in the same width as the piece you cut for the bottom. These will become the sides.
  4. Cover the front of each piece of cardboard with the color or design you want the purse to be overall. Overlap all of your strips slightly and trim the edges at the edges of the cardboard.
    Duct tape covered cardboard
  5. Flip the cardboard pieces over and cover their back sides with your accent color.
  6. Set your bottom piece, with the accent color facing up, in the center of your work space.
  7. Arrange your front and back pieces, accent color up, on either side and tape them into place on the front and back with the accent color tape.
  8. Set the two side pieces on either side of the bottom piece and tape them into place on both sides. The purse will now look like a large cross.
    Duct tape purse exploded view
  9. Lift up the front panel and one of the two side panels. Tape their edges together on the outside and inside seams with a piece of the accent color.
  10. Repeat with the other side panel.
  11. Lift up the back panel and tape its seams inside and out with the accent tape.
  12. Run a piece of accent tape around the top edge of the purse to finish the edges.
    Duct tape purse interior
  13. Cut a piece of the accent color tape to about 2-feet long and lay it out flat, sticky side up.
  14. Cut a second piece of the accent color tape to the same length and lay it, sticky side down, on the first piece to form the handle.
  15. Tape the ends of the handle to the inside of the two side panels to finish the purse.

Fabric Duct Tape Purse

This small duct tape pouch has a fabric lining and a flap that closes over the purse when it's worn.

Fabric duct tape purse


  • Fabric of your choice
  • Two colors of duct tape
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric that is twice as wide and three times as long as you want the finished purse to be.
  2. Spread the fabric out on your work surface and tape the corners down securely to hold it in place.
  3. Cover the entire surface of the cloth with your choice of duct tape. Extend the duct tape past the edges of the fabric about 2-inches on the bottom and two sides; leave the top of the fabric even with the last strip.
    Duct tape covered fabric
  4. Peel the cloth off the table and flip it over. It should be a rectangle of fabric with a sticky, duct tape edge on three sides.
  5. Fold the fabric in half and press the sticky edges of the duct tape together to form a long, thin pouch.
    Duct tape pouch
  6. Cut away only the front 1/3 of the top of the pouch, exposing the fabric interior of the bottom layer. This will make the flap that will cover the purse when its closed.
  7. Take your accent color of duct tape and run it around all sides of the purse. As you wrap the tape around, shape the pouch with your fingers, puffing it out slightly so it doesn't lay completely flat.
    Duct tape purse open
  8. Cut a very long piece of duct tape, about 4- to 5-feet in length, and twist it to form a long cable.
  9. Wrap your main color or pattern of duct tape around the cable to form a long, "crumpled rope" strap.
  10. Tape the ends of the strap to the inside edges of the purse just beneath the flap.

Make a Fun New Accessory

Duct tape is a versatile material that can be used in numerous crafts. Consider adding a duct tape wallet to your purse, and have a little fun with your accessories.

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