How to Make a Paper Plate Pig

Paper plate pig

Paper plate crafts are a fun way to make art with young children. Paper plates are easy to paint, cut and glue to make easily identifiable animals like pigs. This paper plate pig craft for preschoolers is a creative activity for parents and kids to share.

Make a Pig from Paper Plates

This craft will require some assistance from an adult to help trace and cut the shapes that make the pig. Assembly can be done by the child alone, or with some assistance depending upon skill level.


  • Three standard-sized paper plates
  • Pink paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stickers or "googly eyes," optional


  1. Paint the back side of the three plates with the pink paint. Try to get an even layer, covering the back of each plate out to the edges. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  2. Trace a 3-inch circle on one of the plates and cut it out.
  3. Trace two, 1-inch triangles on the curved edge of the plate and cut them out. This will give the ears a "floppy" appearance.
  4. Trace two 4-inch by 1-inch rectangles from the flat surface of the plate. Cut them out, then notch the bottom of each into an inverted triangle to create the pig's feet.
    Paper pig parts
  5. Cut a very thin, curving strip about 1/8-inch by 3-inches long out of the flat surface of the plate. Wrap the strip around your finger to curl it into the pig's tail.
  6. Cut the curved edge off of the perimeter of the second plate, leaving only the flat interior.
  7. Take the curved edge that you cut away in step 6 and cut out two long strips and one short one. Set them aside.
  8. Have your child draw nostrils on the small circle and eyes on the larger circle. Alternatively, you can use stickers, googly eyes, or fabric to create these features.
    Eyes and nose on the pig
  9. Take the uncut paper plate and set it down with the pink side facing up.
  10. Take the two long curved edges you cut and glue them pink side down to the lower center of the large plate.
  11. Glue the pig's face on top of the curved edges, trying to position it slightly down toward the bottom of the larger plate. This will separate the head from the body and help give the pig a three dimensional look.
    Seperated head and body
  12. Glue the short curved edge you cut out and glue it, pink side down, to the center of the face.
  13. Glue the nose on top of the cut piece to further enhance the three dimensional appearance.
  14. Glue the ears to the top of the face so they curve toward you at the tops.
  15. Glue the top edges of the legs to the bottom edge of the large body plate.
  16. Glue the bottom edge of the tail to the top edge of the large body plate.
  17. Let the glue dry and display your paper plate pig.
paper plate pig

Create Crafts Together

Crafts like this paper plate pig are a great way for parents and children to create together. Painting, cutting and assembling this pig will help your child with her fine motor skills and allow you both to express your creativity.

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How to Make a Paper Plate Pig