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needlepoint purse

A needlepoint bag can describe anything from a purse to a tote bag that holds all your supplies. If you love to needlepoint, finding a pattern for the perfect bag can mean a great gift or the ideal fashion accessory. Better yet, make a needlepoint tote bag that is big enough to hold any project you want to take with you.

Making an Easy Needlepoint Tote Bag

Making a needlepoint bag to hold your crafting supplies and ongoing work can be a quick, easy project when you use a purchased tote bag and a needlepoint canvas that you have finished. Most craft stores like JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's have a variety of totes in different materials, including canvas, plastic, and fabric.


  • Canvas or other material tote bag, ready made
  • Low temp glue gun
  • Stitched and blocked needlepoint with ½ inch margins (trim if necessary)


  1. Clip the corners of the needlepoint on the diagonal and glue the margins down to the back.
  2. Let the project dry for a minute or two.
  3. Glue the canvas in place on the front of the tote.
  4. When it is dry, check the needlepoint for any loose spots and add more glue as needed.
  5. Embellish with buttons, ribbons, lace, or other trims for a unique, quick project bag.

Making a Quilted Project Bag

You can also make a project bag from a tote bag that you make yourself out of pre-quilted fabric. Choose fabric that is finished on both sides to keep this project quick and easy.

There are numerous patterns on the Internet that you can use for free, including these:

Choose a pre-quilted fabric to make the bag and a completed needlepoint project that will fit on the front. Try to coordinate the fabric with the colors and design in the needlepoint for the most appealing results.

You will need to finish the edges of the needlepoint by cutting the corners on a diagonal and sewing them down. Follow the pattern for the bag, but before sewing the pieces together, stitch the needlepoint onto the front of the bag.

Other Types of Needlepoint Bags

If you are looking for a pattern for a needlepoint purse to create for use as a cute evening accessory or directions for making a unique shopping bag, you will find them available on the Internet for free as well as for sale. Choose a needlepoint bag pattern based on your level of experience. As you make more bags, you will be able to create more intricate designs with ease. Try some of these popular patterns:

Relax with Needlepoint

Sitting down with a needlepoint project can be a relaxing gift that you give yourself. Crafting can help you deal with stress, keep you from overeating, and give your life depth and passion. When you have a needlepoint bag, you are able to carry your projects with you and relax during a commute, a lunch break, or while waiting for an appointment. What's more, having a needlepoint bag or two on hand ensures that you will always have a gift to give at a moment's notice.

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