Knitting Dog Coats

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If you have some spare time and a pooch in need of a style update, you can try your hand at knitting dog coats. You'll be proud to show off your handiwork on your next trip to the dog park.

Online Knitting Patterns for Dog Coats

The Internet is a great resource for dog knitting patterns of all difficulty levels and styles. From Irish fisherman-style cable knits to Nordic patterns and hoodies, you can find a seemingly infinite selection of designs for knitting dog sweaters and coats. The following sites offer popular patterns:

  • All Crafts is a great site for all kinds of dog-related knitting projects. You'll find lots of great sweater and coat patterns for all different sizes and breeds of dogs.
  • Lion Brand Yarn offers free patterns for lots of projects, including the Clifford dog sweater.
  • The Happy Dog Spot is dedicated to many different dog crafts, including knitting. You'll find great patterns for dog coats and sweaters.
  • Red Heart Yarn offers a free dog sweater pattern that could double as a dog coat. This design fastens with a button and will keep your pooch nice and warm on chilly days.
  • Vogue Knitting offers a free pattern for making a houndstooth-patterned dog sweater or coat. This design is best for experienced knitters.
  • FaveCrafts has patterns for several dog clothing items, including a rainbow striped sweater, a hooded jacket, a camouflage-patterned coat, and other cute designs.

Books With Dog Coat Knitting Patterns

Another great source for dog coat patterns is your local library or bookstore. Several books include a great selection of designs. The following titles are popular with knitters:

Helpful Tips for Knitting Dog Coats

As you create a cold-weather wardrobe for your furry friend, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose a pattern that fits with your knitting experience level. If you're a beginning knitter, select a design that is labeled as easy. If you're more experienced, challenge yourself and expand your skills with an intermediate or expert pattern.
  • Measure your dog carefully before selecting a pattern, and then try the coat on the dog as you work. It's essential that dog coats fit properly. Coats that are too snug can restrict motion. Coats that are too loose can get caught on things.
  • When making your dog coat, choose a yarn that easy to care for. Look for acrylics and other washable fibers.
  • After you've completed your dog coat, don't leave the dog alone with it. It can take some time for pets to get used to new fibers and smells and the feeling of wearing a coat. The last thing you need is for Fido to chew up all your hard work!
  • Keep the yarn out of your pet's reach as you work. Although animals sometimes like to play with yarn, it can be dangerous if they eat it.

A Brand New Look

With the many beautiful designs on the web, it's easier than ever to knit your dog a gorgeous coat or jacket. Choose a pattern that challenges you and that you'll enjoy knitting. In no time, your pooch will have a brand new look.

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