How to Make Easy Friendship Bracelets for Beginners

friendship bracelet

Learning how to make a simple friendship bracelet is easy, whether you're an expert at crafting or just want to try your hand at this fun project. Keeping it simple lets you enjoy the process and learn the basic steps. From there, you can get fancier with your future bracelets.

Making a Simple Friendship Bracelet

These step-by-step instructions will help you craft a bracelet to give as a gift or keep for yourself. It takes about 20 minutes to make a bracelet once you practice a little, but your first one may take a bit longer. It's really fun to personalize the bracelet by using your friend's favorite color and your favorite color together in the design. It will be a unique statement about your friendship and the perfect gift for a best friend.

Things You'll Need

You don't need too many things to make this bracelet, and you'll find most of the supplies around your house:

  • Two strands of embroidery floss in a basic color
  • Two strands of embroidery floss in your friend's favorite color
  • Two strands of embroidery floss in your favorite color
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Clip board

What to Do

  1. Use the tape measure and scissors to cut two 24-inch-long strands from each color you've chosen.
  2. Line up all the strands so the ends are together. Fold the bundle of strands in half so all the ends are at the bottom.
    friendship bracelet
  3. Tie a knot in the folded strands, near the spot where you folded them. Leave a loop above the knot.
    friendship bracelet knot
  4. Secure the loop to the clipboard by clipping it down. Sort the strands so the same colors are together. You'll have three different colors: A, B, and C.
    sort strands
  5. Bring color A to the middle to begin the braid.
    start braiding
  6. Cross color B over color A, keeping tight hold of both colors as you work.
    braiding friendship bracelet
  7. Cross color C over color B, continuing to keep things taught. Continue braiding using this pattern.
    braided bracelet
  8. When the braid is long enough to go around your friend's wrist, pull the loose ends through the loop and knot them to secure it. Your simple friendship bracelet is now finished!
    finishing bracelet


Once you've mastered the simple friendship bracelet, you can add some extra flair to your design with these ideas:

  • Choose all different colors of embroidery floss to make a rainbow bracelet.
  • Use metallic or glitter embroidery floss to add a little extra sparkle to the design.
  • Check out friendship bracelet patterns to experiment with more complex designs, such as chevrons.
  • Try adding a few sequins or small beads as you braid to give the bracelet some extra pizazz.
  • Try other embroidery floss bracelets, such as one with a heart pattern.
  • Make the bracelet in your school colors for the perfect thing to wear during spirit week.
  • If you like to crochet, you can also make a crochet beaded friendship bracelet.

Get Creative and Have Fun

A simple friendship bracelet makes an easy craft for kids, and it's fun for adults too. Once you master the basics, get creative with your choice of color, embellishment, and pattern. You'll have a bracelet as you unique as your friendship.

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