Bee Crafts for Kids

spring crafts with bees

Bee crafts for kids make great projects to celebrate spring in your classroom, Sunday school, or at home.

Fun Bee Crafts for Kids

No matter how old a person is, there is something fascinating about bees. Whether you are teaching a unit study on bees or just want a quick project to keep the kids busy between now and suppertime, you can find the perfect craft on the web.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Fingerprint Bees

These are cute to add to pictures that the children draw of spring scenery. Just have them dip their thumbs in yellow paint and press anywhere on the picture. Allow the thumbprints to dry. Now go back and draw wings and black stripes on the thumbprints with crayons.

This is a super easy craft that's perfect for any age. You can use these cute little bees to decorate cards, bookmarks, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Handprint Bees

On a large piece of paper, draw the outline of a bee without wings. Let children dip their hands in white tempera paint and make wings on the bee with the handprint. Alternatively, you can cut the bee out of construction paper and trace children's hands on white construction paper. Cut out the handprintss and attach them to the bee with glue or staples.

Potato Stamp Bees

Cut a potato in half. Carve a few thin strips across the potato. Dip it in yellow tempera paint and press it on black construction paper. The potato area will be yellow, and the black paper will show through where the stripes were carved. Have children dip their thumbs in white tempera and press on the bees to create wings.

Links to Bee Crafts

Are you still looking for just the right craft for your children? Here are several more craft ideas and instructions:

  • Danielle's Place has several cute ideas for making a variety of bee crafts for kids of all ages. There is a foam pin, as well as a bee-shaped bookmark, coloring pages, and other projects.
  • First School has a preschool/early elementary unit on bees, which includes crafts, stories, and printables. You can use all of it for a quick unit study or just use the craft or activity ideas on their own.
  • Crafts for Kids has a bumblebee mobile so that your bees can fly. This project is probably best for elementary school children unless you have a lot of helpers on hand.
  • Craft Ideas has the instructions for a Styrofoam bumblebee.
  • Make a great bee bouquet with these instructions from Family Fun. This would be a fun first day of spring project.
  • Kaboose has instructions for making adorable thumbprint bees. This is a quick craft that would be appropriate for ages three and under.
  • All Free Crafts has instructions for a foam door hanger that would be perfect for ages six to ten.
  • JoAnn's has a bumblebee puppet craft that would be fun for first through third graders. You will need some extra adult help for this craft.

Spring Activities

Children are fascinated by bees. Bee crafts for kids are great projects to add to almost any spring activity or lesson. A rainy afternoon becomes more bearable when kids have something to occupy their time. Creative activities help kids to develop fine motor skills, as well as their imaginations. Most of all, they will have fun.

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Bee Crafts for Kids