How to Knit

Supplies for Knitting

If you have ever wondered how to knit but had difficulty understanding written instructions, this slideshow can help. Through a series of images you will be able to see each step of basic knitting. You will need to have some yarn and some knitting needles. Choose a basic yarn and size seven or eight knitting needles.

When you choose needles, be sure to get some that feel good in your hands. Shown here are bamboo knitting needles in a size eight and a bulky alpaca yarn.

Casting On

The first step in knitting anything is to cast on the proper amount of stitches. An article explaining the process of casting on is linked at the end of this slideshow.

How to Knit the First Stitch

One you have cast on your stitches, put the needle holding the stitches in your left hand. Taking the empty needle in your right hand, insert the needle through the first loop behind the other needle. These are instructions for right-handed knitters, but if you are left-handed, you can simply reverse the process.

Yarn Over

Lay the yarn over the needle in front of the loop.

Make a Loop

Pull the yarn back through the loop, creating a new loop on the needle.

Complete the Stitch

Complete the stitch by pushing the old loop off the needle and tightening the yarn.

Next Stitch

Push the needle though the next stitch as you did with the first stitch. Complete the stitch in the same way.

Continue Across the Row

Continue across the row until all of the stitches have been knitted off the first needle and are on the second needle.

More About Knitting

Put the needle with all of the stitches on it into your left hand and the empty needle in your right. Continue knitting stitches until your project is the correct measurement. Because you are using a basic knitting stitch, both sides will be bumpy.

Knowing how to knit is only part of knitting. You will also need to learn casting on, other stitches, and casting off. You can find more information in the following articles:

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How to Knit