Free Crochet Cupcake Pattern

Crochet Cupcake Pattern

Yummy things are usually fattening, but this sweet cupcake has absolutely no calories. Make this crocheted cupcake using basic stitches that are ideal for a beginner. The pattern is completely free and can easily be finished in an evening.

Crocheted Cupcake Pattern

Crochet cupcake-shaped pincushions, party favors or a child's toy using this free pattern.

To print the pattern, click on the thumbnail image below. The printable PDF pattern will open in a new tab. If you have trouble downloading or printing the pattern, try these helpful tips.

Cupcake Crochet Pattern
Click to download the pattern.

Cupcake Variations

You can easily change the look of your cupcake with a simple tweak or two:

  • The yarn colors for both the frosting and the liners can be changed to fit a variety of celebration themes or personal preferences.
  • Change up your sprinkle options with buttons, sequins, pom poms or beads from old jewelry.

More Crocheted Cupcake Patterns

  • Repeat Crafter Me has an awesome tutorial for crocheting a cupcake pixel blanket. This twin-size bed covering may, at first glance, seem a bit intimidating, but each pixel of the design is actually a small granny square. A great project for a beginner.
  • Make a crocheted cupcake container using a recycled margarine tub and the pattern on Crafty Tuts. The cupcake liner and cupcake top are attached to the outside of the tub, secretly hiding the container inside. Because of a few intermediate stitches, this pattern is more suitable for a crocheter who has advanced past the beginning stitches of crochet.
  • An adorable cupcake dishcloth pattern on Twinkie Chan is another intermediate level design. This dishcloth would be an adorable birthday gift for a friend.

Crocheting to Relax

Crocheting can be used to manipulate yarn into a vast array of decorative, wearable and functional items. It is also a great de-stresser. Pick up a ball of yarn and a crochet hook and relax for a while, creating something you're sure to love.

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Free Crochet Cupcake Pattern