Vape Crochet Pattern

Crochet Vape Holder

Whether you vape as an alternative to smoking or just enjoy the activity, a misplaced e-cigarette can be frustrating. To keep your e-cig handy without looking out of place, crochet a lanyard vape holder. This is a simple crochet project that a beginner or advanced crocheter can easily create.

Crochet Vape (E-Cig) Holder

This holder was designed to fit an electronic cigarette with a diameter slightly larger than 1/2 inch. Use the instructions within the pattern to create a custom fit for your vape pen. Click on the pattern image to download and print the instructions. If you need help, check out this Guide for Adobe Printables.

Crochet Vape (E-Cig) Holder Pattern
Crochet Vape (E-Cig) Holder Pattern

Tips, Hints and Care

Customizing your vape holder to your own preferences is the best way to ensure it will be something you will utilize. Use these pointers to plan a holder you will love and enjoy.

  • This example uses cotton yarn, but you can use yarn of any fiber.
  • If using a thinner yarn, floss, or thread, add stitches to your first round to increase the circumference of the sleeve.
  • You can substitute an eyeglass or badge holder cord for the crocheted cord. Sew a jump ring to the back of the sleeve. Attach a lanyard hook to the jump ring and cords.
  • To prevent shrinking or tangling in the wash, hand washing is recommended.

Scrap-Buster Wardrobe Accessory

Since vape holders use such a small amount of yarn, they are a great way to scrap-bust your yarn leftovers. Crochet a plethora of holders to coordinate with all your wardrobe choices.

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Vape Crochet Pattern