Free Santa Ornament Crochet Pattern

Crocheted Santa Head Christmas Ornament

Crocheting is a cozy craft for holiday time, and many crocheted decorations are very simple and quick to make. This jolly Santa head ornament will be a whimsical addition to your Christmas tree. He's simple to crochet with basic stitches and uses a small amount of yarn. Make several for your tree or add a pin-back and wear him on your lapel.

Santa Head Ornaments

To print the free Santa Head Ornament pattern, click on the thumbnail image below. The PDF pattern will open in a new tab. If you have trouble printing the pattern, try these helpful tips. This pattern includes instructions for creating the Santas as well as illustrations to help you along the way.

Crocheted Santa Head Ornament Pattern
Click to download the illustrated pattern.

Crochet Stitch Resources

Whether you need a refresher on working crochet stitches or a complete visual explanation, these links will help.

  • Petals to Picots has a wonderful photo tutorial on making magic rings and if that isn't enough, there is an additional link for a video tutorial.
  • This list of stitches includes photos, videos, and step-by-step instructions.

A Few Helpful Tips

  • Use bright red and white for a classic Santa, or choose burgundy and off white for an antiqued, Old World Santa.
  • If you're making your Santa ornament into a lapel pin, glue the pin-back to the back of the hat to prevent the top of the ornament from folding forward.

More Santa Ornaments to Crochet

  • The Kansas Hooker has a simple little crochet Santa that is perfect for the beginning stitcher. You won't be able to make just one, so make extras to handout at an ornament exchange party.
  • Cone-shaped amigurumi Santas made using the pattern at Toma Creations will look adorable on your Christmas tree. This is another great project for a beginner.
  • The curly crocheted Santa found on Craft Elf is similar to a popular vintage clown doll from decades past. His arms and legs are curled crocheted strips that give him a sweet bounce. This is an easy crochet pattern for a beginner.

Great Take-Along Project

These crocheted ornaments are great road trip take-alongs any time of the year, or you can whip up several Santas in an evening while enjoying television. They make adorable favors for school Christmas parties, or keep several on hand to tie on gift boxes.

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Free Santa Ornament Crochet Pattern