Dolphin Crochet Patterns

Crochet Dolphin Projects

Crochet these sweet dolphin-themed projects to accessorize your child's room. Each crochet pattern is an intermediate level, using shaping techniques for the dolphin toy and color changes for the dolphin motif.

Download Free Dolphin Patterns

In most cases, you can complete either project in a few hours. Click on the desired pattern image to download and print the instructions. You can find additional help with downloading the patterns by using this handy guide.

Crochet Dolphin Toy

Done in blue, this dolphin is a wonderful crocheted toy or accessory for a nursery. At approximately 9 inches long, it is perfect for small hands to cuddle.

Crochet Dolphin Toy Pattern
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Crochet Square Dolphin Motif

Work the motif in two colors, but do not cut the yarn when changing colors. Enclose the yarn you aren't using within the stitches of the other color until you change the color again.

Crochet Square Dolphin Motif Pattern
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Tips and Adjustments

You can easily alter each pattern to fit individual preferences. If you need to adjust the size or appearance of your dolphins or would like suggestions on different uses, try some of these ideas.

  • A quick and easy way to alter the size for either pattern is to substitute thinner/bulkier yarn or smaller/larger crochet hooks. Whichever method you choose, be consistent throughout your entire project.
  • While blue or gray are the traditional colors for a dolphin, changing to favorite colors or colors that match a room's theme can be a fabulous customization.
  • Give your dolphin toy a rainbow body by using up your scrap yarn leftovers.
  • The square dolphin motif can be used for a variety of projects. Crochet several dolphin squares and several solid color squares, then sew them together to create a cozy blanket. Sew two squares together for a comfy pillow or add two handles for a tote.
  • The bead eyes on the dolphin toy can be a choking hazard for a small child. To eliminate the hazard, stitch French knots using a small bit of black yarn instead.

Gifts or Party Favors

If you are planning a sea life or beach themed party, make dolphin toys and small tote bags to give as party favors and gifts. The lucky recipients will have hours of fun long after the celebration becomes a distant memory.

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Dolphin Crochet Patterns