Crochet Vest Patterns for Women

Free Crochet Vest Patterns for Women

Layering never seems to go out of style and when the weather begins to turn chilly it becomes a necessity. Dig out the yarn you have been hoarding to crochet each of these vests and expand the layers in your wardrobe. Crocheted using basic stitches, each vest pattern can be made by a beginner to crochet. Each vest is made to a custom fit of your personal measurements. Click on the patterns to download them using Adobe.

Crochet Suspender Vest

This pattern has an easy skill level, perfect for a beginner. Basic stitches are used, and the finishing does not require any sewing.

Crochet Suspender Vest Pattern
Click to download this pattern.

Fall Retro Vest

While this vest does require sewing the body, yoke and straps together, the pattern uses simple stitches to create. A crocheter with knowledge of primary stitches should have no problem with the creation of this vest.

Fall Retro Vest Pattern
Click to download this vest pattern.

Personalizing the Patterns

With most items in your wardrobe, variety is a must. If you like these two patterns but would like to tweak them to your own personal preferences, here are a few ideas and tips to get you started.

  • The Fall Retro Vest uses a crochet chain for the drawstring, but a ribbon, cord or lace trim can be substituted.
  • Go from retro to bohemian-chic by shortening the beginning chain to make a shorter body. Add long yarn fringe around the bottom edge of the vest.
  • The Suspender Vest uses clip rings to attach the suspender ribbon. Substitute large buttons for the clips if desired. Simply stitch the buttons to the ribbon and through the edge of the vest body.
  • The suspender ribbon can be substituted with a crochet chain, cord or lace trim.
  • If you prefer your vests to close in the front, add buttons to one front edge and use the existing row stitches on the other edge as buttonholes.
  • An antique brooch will also make an interesting closure.
  • Lighter or heavier weight yarns can be used for either vest as the pattern uses your personal measurements to customize the fit.

More Free Vest Patterns

Check out these free vest patterns for additional inspiration. Each pattern will spark your imagination and spur your creativity.

  • Naztazia shares another wonderful tutorial and video for her Criss-Cross Sweater Vest. Perfect for a beginner, this easy vest is created with a basic rectangle that resembles a long scarf. Instructions for altering the size are given.
  • Give this Crochet Shawl Cir-Collar Vest a try at Be A Crafter. Just as the name implies, you will be stitching a circle vest with a shawl collar. Free small and medium instructions are given. Intermediate crochet skills are recommended for this pattern.
  • Don't let the website name fool you, crochet patterns are also available on An intermediate to advanced skill level is recommended for their Stormy Weather Vest. The delicate waterfall drape in the front and the lacy sunburst pattern on the back create a vest that is ideal for both a casual or dressy occasion. Small to 3X-Large are provided.
  • More retro goodness can be found at All Free Crochet with this Unique Shell Vest. Intermediate skills are recommended, but once the stitch pattern is mastered, the rest of the vest will progress very quickly with repetition. This pattern offers sizes small to X-Large.

Vests for Any Season

Most patterns will provide the yarn brand and/or the yarn weight used. If you would like to change a cold weather vest into a warm weather vest (or the other way around), substitute the yarn fiber used, but do not change the yarn weight. Wool is a wonderful fiber for cold weather while cotton breathes nicely in hot weather.

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Crochet Vest Patterns for Women