Crochet Seahorse Pattern

Crochet Seahorse Pattern

Add to your child's under-the-sea room decor with this adorable crochet seahorse. At 14 inches long, this free crochet pattern creates a huggable sea creature that will be an instant buddy for your little one.

Amigurumi Seahorse Pattern

This amigurumi pattern is suitable for all experience levels, even a beginner. Please note: Small buttons and eyelashes on the seahorse could be a choking hazard for a baby and should be avoided. Click on the pattern title below to download and print the crochet instructions. The Guide For Adobe Printables will help you with any difficulties you may encounter.

Amigurumi Seahorse Pattern
Amigurumi Seahorse Pattern

Modification Ideas and Pattern Tips

If you would like to customize this seahorse to fit your child's personality or sex, simple modifications are easy to execute. The following are a few ideas and tips to help you.

  • While the pink yarn on this seahorse makes it look more suitable for a girl, changes to this color for the trim and fins is the most uncomplicated way to customize the seahorse for a boy, unisex, or to fit a child's personality. Additionally, changing the yarn color of the body will also create individual charm.
  • There is no gauge for this pattern as it does not require a sized fit. If you would like to change the size of your seahorse, different yarn weights and hook sizes can be used. Thicker, bulkier yarns with a larger hook size will increase the dimensions of your doll, while thinner, baby or sport-weight yarns with a smaller hook will shrink it.
  • If making this seahorse for a baby, omit the button eyes and stitch French knots using black yarn instead.
  • For older children who would rather display their seahorse instead of play with it, you can simply glue the button eyes in place.
  • The subtle color for the cheeks is made using blush make-up. A light dabbing of craft paint can also be used.
  • For a more secure hold for the curled tail tip, stitch through the body from the center-front to the center-back and to the front again. Repeat before fastening off.

Crochet Baby Gifts

When you are wanting to dole out lots of love to a new baby, crochet gifts are a wonderful option. Aside from the basic layette, crochet toys are a fun choice for babies, and they are kind to furniture.

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Crochet Seahorse Pattern