Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Finished crochet owl hat made from the pattern

Expand your baby's wardrobe with a crochet owl hat for unique style and warmth. This crochet owl hat pattern will create the perfect gift for a special bundle of joy or an awesome photography prop to immortalize those first few months. This free hat pattern uses worsted weight yarn and basic stitches, perfect for a crochet beginner.

Crochet Newborn Owl Hat

This free hat pattern features earflaps for warmth and comfort. Made using worsted weight yarn and basic stitches, the pattern is a perfect pattern suitable for a crochet beginner. Click on the pattern image below to download and print the pattern in Adobe.

Printable Crochet Newborn Owl Hat Pattern
Crochet Newborn Owl Hat Pattern

Resize and Customize Your Hat

This crochet pattern can easily be adjusted into a one-of-a-kind hat for your newborn or your college graduate. Check out these simple tweaks to crochet a hat for any personality.

  • While this hat pattern is for newborns, use the pattern and size adjustments for the crochet turkey hat to create an owl hat for anyone from newborn to adult. No changes to the owl features are needed.
  • When attaching the features to a hat that has been resized, place the hat on the head of the recipient to judge the best placement.
  • Omit the earflaps from either pattern if not desired.
  • While the pattern shows a light rose color for the hat base, changing the color to blue for a boy, or using a neutral color for the not-yet-revealed sex of a baby not born would be a great option.

Multiple Hats for the Newborn

When preparing for your happy addition a layette of clothing is on the top of your list. Use this basic pattern to crochet basic beanies or earflap hats in a variety of colors.

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Crochet Owl Hat Pattern