Crochet Mens Hat

Crochet Mens Hat

Keep your fisherman warm on those cool pre-dawn fishing trips with a crochet, bucket-style fisherman hat. This hat uses two strands of yarn held together and simple stitches, producing a standard fit for an adult man. Its construction is fast and easy for a beginner as well as an experienced crocheter.

Creating the Fisherman Hat

Download and print the pattern by clicking on the pattern image. The Guide for Adobe Printables offers additional help in downloading the pattern.

Crochet Fisherman Hat Pattern
Crochet Fisherman Hat Pattern

Hat Customizing Tips

Customize the pattern to fit the personality of the recipient. With a few basic tweaks you can create a one-of-a-kind bucket hat.

  • For a hat that blends into nature, choose a camouflage ombre yarn.
  • Bucket hats do not typically fit tight on the head, so a standard size will fit heads that are slightly larger or smaller than 23 inches. If you would like to alter that size for a smaller head, consider using a smaller hook and one strand of yarn. Alternatively, you can achieve a larger hat with the two strands and a larger hook.
  • Men aren't the only ones who can enjoy this hat. Change the color and add a crochet flower applique to keep mom warm on crisp morning walks.

More Hat Patterns for Men

While there are many hat ideas and designs for women, hat varieties for men are harder find. If a fisherman hat is not what you are looking for, check out these free crochet hat patterns for the men in your life.

  • A great winter alternative to the baseball cap is the brimmed hat at Favecrafts. This classy copycat may actually give you the opportunity to finally wash its counterpart. The pattern uses simple crochet techniques and stitches that make it suitable for all experience levels.
  • The men's cabled golf cap on Moogly will give your man a playfully sophisticated look. The pattern is slightly more difficult than a beginner project as it uses advanced post stitches. This hat is more suited for a crocheter who knows intermediate stitches, but it would be a great project for learning and practicing these stitches.
  • Chez Crochet offers an easy rastacap pattern. A rasta is a simple hat for tucking away hair and dreadlocks, but it may be worn for other reasons. Pattern uses simple stitches and is suitable for a beginner.

Hats for All

Everyone has a few people on their holiday or birthday gift-giving lists who are impossible to shop for. A handmade crochet hat is the perfect solution. Spend a couple cool fall evenings crocheting while watching movies on television to finish off your lists.

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Crochet Mens Hat