Crochet Jelly Bean Duck

Crochet Jelly Bean Duck

It is common to have baby chicks, ducks and bunnies decorating your home for spring and Easter, but this crocheted duck offers more than decor. He is filled with jelly beans! Make a few to fill your child's Easter basket, or make several to give as party favors for school or group parties.

Free Duck Pattern

This is a very quick project, and each duck requires a small amount of yarn. It is a perfect project for the beginning crocheter.

Click on the image below to download and print the pattern in Adobe.

Jelly Bean Duck Pattern
Click to download this pattern.

How the Duck Works

After you fill this little guy with jelly beans, give his body a gentle squeeze and he will easily dispense the beans into your hand. The hole you have worked into the body while crocheting is where you fill with candy and then pop it out again.

Jelly Bean Duck Hints and Tips

No specific yarn brand is called for to crochet this project as no particular gauge is required. It also doesn't use a lot of yarn. This gives you the opportunity to scrap-bust your leftover yarn balls from previous projects. Consider these hints and tips for creating your customized jelly bean duck.

  • Smaller or larger hook sizes as well as bulkier or thinner yarns will change the size of the finished duck.
  • If the hole for filling is too large causing your jelly beans to fall out, thread a strand of yarn, ribbon or 1/8" wide elastic through the stitches around the hole. Cinch the strand until the hole is just right for inserting a jelly bean. Tie the ends of the woven strand into a bow and trim the ends.
  • If the hole for filling is too small, add two or four extra chs to Rnd 12. Add a sc for each additional ch in Rnd 13. Work an additional dec or two in Rnd 14 to equal the ending sc total with one extra sc for each additional dec.
  • A substitute for the snap eyes could be 1/4" black buttons, embroidery floss French knots, sequins or black dimensional fabric paint.
  • Add a little embellishment to your duck with a bow around the neck using ribbon, rick rack or a ripped fabric strip.

Perfect Project for Relaxing

After this project has been made a few times, you will have the steps committed to memory. Keep a basket of yarn balls next to your favorite chair for relaxing while watching TV. Curl up and enjoy a bit of hooking all through the year. By the time spring or Easter rolls around you will have a flock of yarn-feathered friends to share.

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Crochet Jelly Bean Duck