Baby Baseball Hat Crochet Pattern

Baby Crochet Baseball Cap

Dress your little slugger in style for a first photo shoot with a crochet baseball hat. Even if you are new to crochet, this newborn-size cap is doable for a beginner as it uses basic stitches.

Crochet Newborn Baseball Cap

This project takes less than two ounces of yarn and can easily be completed in the time it takes to watch a movie. Click on the pattern image below to download and print the PDF instructions and stitch template.

Crochet Newborn Baseball Cap
Click to download the pattern.

Altering Size

The average head sizes for babies are a good place to get basic measurements. They are:

  • Newborn: 13 1/2" in circumference, 5" from top of crown to base
  • Three months: 16" in circumference, 6" from top of crown to base
  • Six months: 17" in circumference, 6 1/4 " from top of crown to base
  • Twelve months: 18" in circumference, 6 3/4" from top of crown to base

You can alter the size of the baseball hat pattern with these tips.

  • Keep in mind that no two babies are exactly the same, but crochet does allow a bit of stretch for a nice fit.
  • The first six rounds of the cap pattern are increase rounds that address the circumference of the cap. Each round has a repetitive pattern that increases by eight stitches. Continue increasing rounds until the cap measures approximately the size you are adjusting to.
  • The remaining rounds are stitches with no increases. Repeat these rounds until you have the crown to base measurement you want.
  • No adjustments to the bill are necessary and the band will automatically adjust to your new stitches.

Customize the Baseball Hat

Your baby's personality will constantly be emerging, but this pattern is pretty versatile. The following tips will help you customize a crocheted cap to your baby's style.

  • The pattern shows a baseball cap that actually resembles a baseball, but if you prefer just a ball cap style, you can eliminate the "v" stitches and crochet the cap in any color you desire.
  • To give your hat a feminine look for a girl, stitch a silk flower or applique flower above the bill.
  • Turn this pattern into a beanie cap by eliminating the bill and band.

Gifts For Baby

If you have an upcoming baby shower or are an anxious granny awaiting the birth of a new grandchild, a crochet baseball hat is a great gift. Make several in a variety of colors to coordinate with whichever outfit is chosen for the day.

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Baby Baseball Hat Crochet Pattern