Decoupage Instructions

Learn How to Decoupage

Learning how to decoupage is not difficult, so it’s not surprising that this technique is often used to refinish old items. Depending upon the look you want to create, you can decoupage with scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, magazine advertisements, old calendar pages, or copies of family photos.

Choose an Item

After you’ve chosen your papers, you’ll need to find an item to decoupage. You can decoupage almost any type of item imaginable, from glass vases to wooden picture frames. You can even decoupage furniture, although this is a much more time consuming project and not an ideal choice for the beginning crafter.

Cut Your Papers

Cut your paper into strips for decoupaging. If desired, ink the edges of the strips to give them a bit more definition. You could also try sanding, tearing, or using decorative scissors to create a different look for your project.

Apply Your Papers

Begin to apply your papers to your decoupage project. Use a thin amount of Mod Podge or white school glue. Smooth out any air bubbles. Don’t worry if your papers overlap slightly, this won’t affect the look of the final project.

Smooth Out the Edges

Use a craft knife and fine grit sandpaper or an emery board to smooth out any rough edges on your project.

Seal Your Item

If your item will be used inside on an occasional basis, use a foam paint brush to coat your project with two or three layers of Mod Podge or white school glue. If it will be placed outside or used heavily, seal it by applying an acrylic gel medium, shellac, varnish, or polyurethane gloss. Remember to let each layer dry completely before continuing with the project.

Add Additional Embellishments

Add ribbons, buttons, or other embellishments to your project if desired.

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Decoupage Instructions